Boston leads America in smart cities ranking

“Stockholm, Sweden-based smart parking service provider Easypark’s ‘2017 Smart Cities Index’ ranks the top 100 cities around the world who are at the forefront of smart evolution,” Eileen Brown reports for ZDNet. “The company has looked particularly at digitalization, urban growth, mobility, sustainability, and governance.”

“To create the index, it studied over 500 cities worldwide, looking at countries with very high and medium development, as defined by the Human Development Index,” Brown reports. “It then analyzed these 500 cities for 19 factors relating to smart cities, ranging from the proliferation of car sharing services to clean energy technologies, to determine the final list of 100.”

“Overall, the smartest city to live in is Copenhagen, Denmark, with an overall score of 8.24. The top US cities are Boston, which is fifth with a score of 7.70, and San Francisco, which is seventh with a score of 7.55,” Brown reports. “London trails in 17th place with a score of 7.18 and New York ranks at number 24 with a score of 6.99. Los Angeles trails at number 46 in the index with an overall score of 6.47.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Coincidentally, Boston also leads America in the new millennium with World Series Championships (along with San Francisco; the Red Sox and Giants are tied at 3 each) and Super Bowl Championships (Patriots with 5). Congrats, Boston!


  1. Way to go Copenhagen Denmark, another shinning example of the accomplishments of the free and civilized world.

    Denmark is ranked 5th on the Global Peace Index.
    What a beacon for those who appreciate peace and humanity.

  2. That’s simply not possible. They’re Red Sox and Patriots fans, and that’s about as dumb as anyone can get.

    Watch this spot and you’ll see the responses proving me right.

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