AT&T offers Buy One iPhone X Get One Free for new ‘Next’ customers

“AT&T is currently offering buy one get one iPhone X,” Trevor Daugherty reports for 9to5Toys.

“You’ll need to be a new customer on AT&T Next to claim this offer,” Daugherty reports. “Your equivalent $1,000 credit will be spread out over the course of your service agreement (up to 30-months).”

Prior to this, Daugherty reports, “iPhone X deals have been tough to come by, topping out at $699 off a second device.”

Full details, terms, and conditions in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This will prove to one of AT&T’s most effect loss leaders* yet.

There’s a great deal if AT&T’s Next plan and network coverage work for you!

See the eligible devices below, but we highly recommend choosing iPhone X.

Eligible devices: iPhone X 64GB ($1,000), iPhone X 256GB ($1,150), iPhone 8 Plus 64GB ($800), iPhone 8 Plus 256GB ($950), iPhone 8 64GB ($700), and iPhone 8 256GB ($850). May buy any combo of these eligible devices.

*A loss leader is a pricing strategy where a popular product is sold at a price below its market cost in order to stimulate other sales.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. Yes, to hear the MDN peanut gallery tell it, everyone loves to pay top dollar for a notched Samsung screen as long as the fragile glass back has an Apple logo on it.

      Now the X phones are being given away like cheap android loss leaders. Imagine that.

    2. All BOGOs are incentives, but all incentives are not the same. If you are a T-Mobile customer already, and they offer you a BOGO deal on Galaxy (example only), then it could be construed that they need to push out inventory that isn’t selling well. I don’t know what AT&T Next is, but if it is a premium (higher cost) service, than an iPhone X BOGO is a premium incentive for capturing premium customers to a new top tier service. AT&T may have calculated that the long term revenue from these new customers enables them absorb the cost of extra iPhone. In other words, one BOGO is for reducing the loss on a dog product collecting dust, while the other BOGO is a marketing investment to launch a potential lucrative growth segment. Bottom line is that Apple gets paid for both iPhones regardless of what AT&T does with them.

  1. Too late. I finally dumped them and left my Grandfather plan. My wife and I went straight to T-Mobile. Unlimited everything on our iPhone X! Oh if your 55 and over the deal is even sweeter!

    1. I’m really wary now of T-Mobile after one of their sales reps forged my name on a contract I wouldn’t sign. I was making a corporate purchase and one of the docs was to accept personal financial responsibility for the company purchase. I told the guy that that was deal breaker. He said, Okay. Don’t worry about it. Next thing I discover is that he faked a digital signature on that contract. T-Mobile sent me a copy of the document a couple of days after my experience with sales rep. I immediately called T-Mobile, told them of the forgery and that we had no contract. Still took more than 18 months of crap to get them to stop trying collect more than $1200 for phones I never bought and mobile service I never used. Collection Agencies, Threatening letters. The whole 9 yards. Because one of their people committed a felony.

  2. This is hilarious. ATT just can’t get rid of iPhone X fast enough. I guess ATT was gullible enough or greedy enough to hop on the iPhone X bandwagon, but now it’s get rid of these muthf@ckers ASAP.

    1. One does wonder how many of the excitingly reported iPhone shipments reported last quarter were sent to retail back shelves. Hence the lowered guidance for next quarter. The early adopter wave created quickly. Didn’t MDN once write scathing attacks on retail analysts for reporting their best estimates of sales from the fragmented data that is available?

  3. I don’t think many of you or any of you actually understand the details of the BOGO program. Absolutely nothing is being “given” away. In fact, it’s typical marketing ploys at its best trying to entice you to sign up without actually reading the fine print. In the end, you are stuck with both a cell plan and payment plan that’s designed to “hook” you into buying more through ATT over time……This works for some people better than others. ATT is not giving you anything for free if you read all the small, fine print! At best, a small discount and that’s about it

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