“Apple’s takeover of the music-recognizing service Shazam has hit a possible snag in the European Union, after the bloc’s competition authorities said they want to take a closer look,” David Meyer reports for Fortune. “It’s not entirely clear what the problem is, but Austria — the EU country where Apple submitted a notification for regulatory clearance — wants the Commission to take over the case, as do France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.”

“The reportedly-$400 million deal is too small to automatically trigger a Commission probe. Last year Shazam posted revenues of just £40.3 million ($56 million), which brings it in well below the Commission’s thresholds for automatic review (€100 million or more, depending on the circumstances),” Meyer reports. “However, the rules say countries can nonetheless ask the Commission to wade in, and that’s what’s happened here.”

Meyer reports, “Some observers have highlighted Shazam’s rich trove of user data, and the fact that the Commission is increasingly keen on treating data as an asset when looking at the merits and competition risks of mergers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the languid expediency of unnecessary red tape unfurled by meddlesome bureaucrats.

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