President Trump highlights Apple in first State of the Union speech

“There wasn’t a lot of talk about technology in President Trump’s first State of the Union speech Tuesday night, but he did take time to highlight Apple, citing its announcement earlier this month that it will invest $350 billion in the United States,” Hayley Tsukayama writes for The Washington Post. “Trump raised it as a crucial example of how the Republican tax cuts passed last year directly benefit the U.S. economy.”

“‘Since we passed tax cuts, roughly 3 million workers have already gotten tax cut bonuses — many of them thousands and thousands of dollars per worker — and it’s getting to be more every month, every week. Apple has just announced it plans to invest a total of $350 billion in America and hire another 20,000 workers,’ Trump said,” Tsukayama writes.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. President Donald Trump at tech summit in June
Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. President Donald Trump at tech summit in June 2017
“Apple announced a five-year investment plan — which includes a new corporate campus — shortly after the new law passed. But it has not detailed which investments are directly linked to the tax cuts, apart from the $38 billion tax it will pay to repatriate its overseas profits.”

“Apple has given indications that the tax changes inspired a portion of its U.S. spending and investment goals, but not necessarily all of it,” Tsukayama writes. “Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in an interview with ABC News earlier this month that, ‘there are large parts of this that are a result of the tax reform, and there’s large parts of this that we would have done in any situation.’ Cook also told CNBC’s Jim Cramer earlier this month that the tax code changes created a better environment for Apple to execute its plans.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s nice to hear Apple highlighted during the State of the Union.

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  1. The Orange Dork has nothing to do with the Success of the Apple Inc.

    This tax cut stinks. Last time it was down to 10% and now only to 15.5%. The Orange Dork could not even deliver with that. Now Apple has to pay 55% more tax. BTW USA is the ONLY country in the world with this type of tax. So the Orange Staple Genius could have deleted the whole tax like the rest of the world has done.

    1. Guess you forgot the NATO and United Nations taxes U.S. citizens pay the highest in the world. And that’s been going on for decades prior to President Trump. Fingers crossed, they will ALSO decrease under Trump’s watch …

  2. @Clueless Road Warrior…I don’t know what country you live in, but I bet the only reason you are still FREE is because China, Russia, Iran, and other bad world actors, would most likely rape and pillage your country if America was not around. Little girls like you get murdered by evil. Why ….because they can. We are the only ones out there that keeps evil from speedily progressing over your bent wrist country. America is the one common denominator that has kept some of the world FREE. It certainly is not you flailing your bent wrist around spewing peace as if it is a world default mode. Europe would fall within a year if there was no America. In about 50 to 75 years you will be under sharia law. You have been Trojanized and you are too naive to see it. You are utterly clueless.

    1. The innocent Iraqis that Apple’s home country has murdered (and continue to murder) by near genocidal numbers and those you’ve labeled as enemy combatants might disagree with you. Those that are still alive of course.

      Torture is for terrorists. If you don’t understand that, it is you who are clueless.

      Peace is the default mode for the planet, it’s only at the advent of man, a relatively new species on the planet that war has taken such a grandiose spectacle, and I’m not that clueless to know which nation(s) spends massive amounts on their military and those that have a history of being at war. The planet has enjoyed millions of years of peace, it’s the default mode of the planet.

      Clueless? When was the last year Apple’s home nation was at peace? When was the first year since 1776 that Apple’s home nation was at peace?

      Apple’s home nation is from it’s inception been a war mongering nation, fortunately and quite often on the side of yes freedom and humanity. Now it is a torturing terrorist nation with no regards for the sovereignty of others as demonstrated by your escapade into Iraq. The facts are there. Sure you are not alone, but your nation is now leaning with those other bad world actors.

      I’m not denying the greatness that nation once demonstrated, and I’m hopeful that one day it will remove itself from Iraq invasion. toss torture to the way side, and rejoin the ranks of the free and civilized world.

      1. Still can’t answer five easy questions?

        Still totally deflecting posts and not addressing them at all.

        Still pushing your mindless meme to exclusion of all rebuttals.

        Yes, you certainly EARNED @Clueless Road Warrior …


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