Things about Apple’s iPhone X that I absolutely love

“After using the iPhone X for over two months, I’ve come to really love some of the subtler changes. They successfully make the X much smoother and more useful than previous iPhones,” Jessica Dolcourt writes for CNET. “And when you’re using the phone for hours a day, every day, even small conveniences add up.”

Here are the five that made the biggest impression on me, plus one runner-up that needs a little work:

• Lock screen notifications for your eyes only
• Face ID saves time logging into websites
• Fancy portrait selfies
• Easier app switching
• Tap to wake

• Runner-up: Maps navigation shortcut

“When you’re in Google or Apple Maps, in the phone app or in voice memos and open any other app, a colored indicator bubble appears around the iPhone X’s clock. You can tap this bubble from any screen you’re in to immediately return to your ongoing navigation, phone call or voice memo. It’s a terrific, time-saving shortcut that I absolutely love,” Dolcourt writes. “The only problem is that once you’re back in the navigation, voice memo or wherever, you can’t tap the same space to toggle back to what you were doing before.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, to “toggle back to what you were doing before” on iPhone X, simply swipe up from the bottom and hold, then just tap the app you’d like to use.

Things about Apple’s iPhone X that drive me absolutely nuts – January 28, 2018


  1. Wait wrong and wrong

    By Far, the quickest way to toggle back on the iPhone X, after using the nav bubble, is just a simple “swipe right” along the bottom of the screen.

    It’s also the quickest way to get back to the most recent previously used app any time from anywhere

    It’s also one of top five things about the iPhone X that i absolutely love. 🙂

  2. AND BTW, fyi, on the iPhone X:

    TWO simple swipe rights along the bottom is the quickest way to get to the SECOND most recently used previous app. And three such swipes takes you to the third most recently used previous app. and etc etc

    They are also very lovable features 🙂

  3. I love it! I kinda don’t like the notch getting in the way of full screen. Wish Apple can do something to make it play and just stop/border there. Anyway If anyone remembers I finally ditched AT&T and went T-Mobile. I’m from Cingular days and wow its nice to have unlimited everything, not just Data and have a Hotspot and be able to FaceTime using Cellular! Plus all the other extra bonus stuff T-Mobile provides. You lost my entire family (5 users) AT&T they all switched to T-Mobile.

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