Sluggish Mac? Here’s how you can speed it up

“Have you had your Mac for a few years? Has it become slow and sluggish?” Apple Gazette writes. “It’s not unusual for a Mac to slow down as its operating system (OS) becomes outdated and years of use eat up its storage capacity.”

“When your Mac starts slowing down, is it time to get a new one?” Apple Gazette writes. “Not necessarily. You may be able to revive your Mac with a few simple steps you can take at home. Update your OS, reduce login items, clean out your storage space, and optimize your system to enjoy a Mac that works like new again.”

“The first thing you should do when dealing with a sluggish Mac is update the OS,” Apple Gazette writes. “If your system software is out of date, updating it could do a lot to improve your device’s performance.”

Read more about how you can speed up your sluggish Mac here.

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