The Apple’s TrueDepth IR camera offers a universe of possibilities beyond Animojis and Face ID

“More than two months after the iPhone X launch, it remains a conundrum for some to put a finger on exactly which features might justify the $1000+ price Apple has given its flagship phone,” James Hsu writes for CitrusBits.

MacDailyNews Take: Not for those of us who own them.

“Some might wager on the virtually edge-to-edge OLED display, which for the first time on an iPhone, does away with the tactile home button and prominent top and bottom bezels of every previous model. It is admittedly gorgeous,” Hsu writes. “As it turns out, however, the iPhone X’s most groundbreaking feature is not even discernible at first glance, even though it literally stares you in the face.”

“Meet the TrueDepth IR camera,” Hsu writes. “Animoji are just emoji with a fun twist, and unlocking phones hasn’t exactly been a pain point for modern smartphone users, with the prevalence of fingerprint sensors on many phones and pattern drawing as an adequate secondary option. What’s incredibly intriguing is that the TrueDepth IR camera technology can and will have much stronger applications in the very near future. As with the iPhone’s previous Touch ID (fingerprint sensor), an iOS SDK makes it easy for app developers to use Face ID and the TrueDepth IR camera for a myriad of other more compelling use cases.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to see what Apple does next with their TrueDepth camera system!

The possibilities, from entertainment to medical and beyond, are virtually limitless!

When we first tried iPhone X’s Animoji, we instantly thought, “Hey, they could bang out episodes of ‘Thomas & Friends’ and ‘Jay Jay the Jet Plane’ with this!” — MacDailyNews, November 16, 2017

VFX artist shows how iPhone X TrueDepth camera could be used for 3D animation – November 16, 2017


  1. I understand that the TrueDepth IR camera is innovative and very secure when used in phone unlocking mode. However when used by 3rd parties the resolution of IR points available to the developer is greatly reduced according to developer documentation. As such any developer functionality might easily be duplicated on Android devices with high enough resolution cameras on both front and back.

    1. Not unless its ir capable 3d camera that can recognize depth.

      The author gives examples of some real interesting applications in the full article.

      I i also invision a day when i can use my iphone to fully scan 3d objects simply by rotating the object in front of the true depth camera or vice versa.
      Night vison can be another application….

      Its just an amazing piece of technology in such compact form factor.. its amazing!
      And i love how transparent authentication is… its completely out of the way for the user.. no clicks, no wiping the home button clean, no issues with moist hands.. ..nada. Just pick up the phone and bam, unlocked.
      I I have sweaty hands and touch id only worked only about 30% of time…. the rest of the time i had to either wipe the home button clean or enter password.

      Love face id.. and the true depth cam and the potential it offers for some cool features and applications!

      1. Night vision will definitely be a strength of using IR. 3D scanning on the other hand is possible with dual cameras or the Pixel’s dual pixel technology. With the reduced IR dot resolution allowed via the TrueDepth API, unless you are scanning objects in the dark I doubt the result will be much better than simply using the dual cameras on the back of the iPhone.

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