Apple expected to crush their quarterly record for iPhone unit sales

“Every year, Apple’s first fiscal quarter (coinciding with the fourth calendar quarter) proves to be a monster period for iPhones,” Daniel Sparks writes for The Motley Fool. “Driven by the seasonality of the holidays and Apple’s annual updates to its iPhones just before the shopping season, the tech giant always posts its biggest iPhone sales of the year during the quarter.”

“Investors are particularly interested in this fiscal year’s first quarter, because it aligns with the first full quarter of availability of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and the launch of Apple’s special 10th-anniversary iPhone — the iPhone X,” Sparks writes. “In addition, with the iPhone X coming to market over three years since Apple last updated the overall form factor of the iPhone, investors will be watching to see whether Apple could have an unusually robust iPhone upgrade cycle.”

“Look for first-quarter iPhone unit sales growth of about 5% to 9%,” Sparks writes. “More specifically, Apple should sell around 82.2 million to 85.3 million iPhones in Q1, up from a record 78.3 million iPhones in the year-ago quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: By most accounts, Q118 will set new iPhone revenue and unit sales records! We’ll soon find out for sure when Apple releases their Q118 Data Summary on February 1st.

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  1. They intentionally delayed the Homepod and releasing it in a lower quarter to level up this exact period. Else it would’ve been lost in number because they won’t release unit sold

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