Stocks rise to new highs on U.S. Senate deal to end brief federal government shutdown

“U.S. stocks rose to fresh highs Monday after Senate leaders said they reached a deal to end the federal government shutdown,” Riva Gold and Akane Otani report for The Wall Street Journal. “The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 72 points, or 0.3%, to 26144. The S&P 500 climbed 0.4% and the Nasdaq Composite rose 0.7%, with all three indexes heading toward record closes.”

“Investors had largely shrugged off the shutdown, which began after the Senate rejected a one-month spending bill late Friday night,” Gold and Otani report. “U.S. government bonds inched lower Monday afternoon, while the WSJ Dollar Index, which tracks the dollar against a basket of 16 other currencies, ticked down 0.1%.”

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“Democrats began to yield after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) made conciliatory remarks on Monday, dropping accusations that Democrats had shut down the government over illegal immigration and offering more specificity about his willingness to vote on an immigration measure whether or not Mr. Trump had indicated his support,” Siobhan Hughes reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Mr. Trump has expressed desire to protect the young immigrants, but wants additional immigration measures as part of any deal, beyond funding for the border wall he campaigned on. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said he made significant concessions to Mr. Trump on Friday, including offering funding to build a wall along the border, but the president rejected it.”

“Pressure had mounted on both parties, as the workweek begins and more Americans feel the effects of the shutdown, including potential furloughs for tens of thousands of federal employees,” Hughes reports. “Mr. Trump blamed the closure of government offices on Democrats on Monday morning.”

“Once the Senate passes a final bill with a simple majority, which is expected later today, the House is expected to follow up quickly and pass the same legislation,” Hughes reports. “President Donald Trump would then sign the deal into law, ending a three-day shutdown that started Saturday.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Sometimes you need to press pause to let everything sink in. — Sebastian Vettel


      1. “On [last] Saturday, Chuck Schumer along with many other high level liberal leaders were seen hanging out with Alex Soros, son of George Soros the mega-billionaire donor.”

        treasonous pieces of shít.


        Yet the states with highest unemployment, inequality, and budget deficits are led by republican governors. The 8 states with the greatest ratio of federal aid versus state gdp are all republican, and not all in areas suffering hurricanes. No surprise the senate republican leaders home state ranks #1 on pork ratio.

        Please define what constitutes shit in your alternative world

          1. Hey dummy, why focus on Chicago? Because that’s the endless narrative your extreme right media repeats without context? Didn’t bother to look at actual stats did ya?

            See the obvious lack of correlation between current mayor party and crime rate?

          1. As a percentage of population? I think not.

            California is the largest state by population by far — more population than the smallest 21 states combined. Botty, you failed math, didn’t you?

          2. California would rank 7th or 8th as a country in GDP and does all right for itself in money and smarts as you know. But there are some crazy Dems in Sacramento with some pretty awful & misguided ideas that we are trying to stop. And a Governor who’s trying to make a legacy for himself at taxpayer’s expense. And I say that as a registered Democrat but Centrist after a just a wee bit of common sense middle ground. Life is rarely an all or nothing proposition.

      1. I dont know how to wtrite u .. but this another redponse on thread ‘apple watch gaining momentum’:

        Horray .. 86 people down vote My complements for Apple watch being an awesome product..just out of Spite for political differences..
        U dont have to like me to like Apple watch..fools !
        You libs.. this is what I meant in my previous posts.. you will shoot yourselves in the foot to protect your dogmatic doctrine !

        Trump is kicking ass and in one year has done more than your elitist idle did in 8 years.. if he ever did anything other than be a puppet!

        Go ahead .. distort opinion pools based on your beliefs and political views rather than subject at hand !!
        i was nutral.. and unbiased..
        U guys.. in the last few years have managed yto push me away..
        Progressive and dogma are oxymoronic!

  1. I see our friends to the East spooked the Dems. They don’t know if the Twitter outrage is real or not, so they get cowed into submission.

    This will be one of the few times the President’s party DOESN’T lose seats 🙂

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