iPhone X has the notch but Samsung’s solution is to cut holes in a full-screen smartphone display

“Samsung was quick to exploit mixed feelings about the iPhone X’s notch, and now has a potential answer to the engineering problems of making a truly full-screen smartphone,” Liam Tung writes for ZDNet. “Instead of fitting the cameras and sensors in a bar at the top of an all-screen display, Samsung would cut out holes to cater for the sensors, according to a patent first spotted by Dutch site LetsGoDigital.”

“Using holes in the display, Samsung could deal with the problem of its rear home button by bringing a physical home button to the front again while maximizing the active screen area,” Tung writes. “Alternatively, it notes it could use a soft home button with a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which would be in line with Synaptics’ in-display sensor.”

Tung writes, “Samsung notes that its hole area would have a camera, receiver, and optical sensors. Some examples it offers include multiple holes and slits across the top of the screen for each component, while the fingerprint hole would be at the bottom of the screen.”

Samsung's answer to the iPhone X's notch? Holes. (Image: Samsung)
Samsung’s answer to the iPhone X’s notch? Holes. (Image: Samsung)

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MacDailyNews Take: Less obtrusive than the notch, but no less an inelegant kludge.

Take it from us iPhone X users, fingerprint readers and home buttons are so 2016.


    1. It may just be a stopgap towards a full screen phone with one-way mirror properties. Sort of like those printed ads on city buses that can be seen from outside but from inside simply looks like slightly tinted windows.

      1. If Samsung succeeds in creating a way to have a display similar to one-way mirror-type window ads they could place the camera anywhere in the display. This would be amazing for video chats since you’d actually see a proper line of sight instead of the person you are speaking to appearing to be looking above you.

  1. Wait a second, holes for what? are they going to copy apple unique face recognition? didn’t sansung ad claim iphones users have to wait years for features that samsung already have?
    You have to be very $tupid to believe sansung ads..

  2. I’m into photos and video. That notch is a killer eyesore that ruins the beauty of a full screen view. If Apple insists on face ID- which I will NEVER use- they should put it on the other side. Get rid of that ridiculous notch.

  3. Why do they all think we’re so bothered about having a little strip at the top of our phones with no screen? Why would they think a screen with chunks of any kind taken out of it would be better than an uninterrupted one with a small bezel edge?

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