Apple Music chief Jimmy Iovine may leave the company in August; departure timed to his shares fully vesting

“Look for Jimmy Iovine to leave Apple Music in August,” Billboard reports.

“The former Interscope CEO joined Apple in 2014 after selling Beats, the the music service and electronics business that he and Dr. Dre co-founded, to the tech giant for $3 billion,” Billboard reports. “It is believed his departure is timed to his Apple shares fully vesting, sources tell Billboard.”

“Apple Music, Apple’s subscription streaming service, has expanded to more than 30 million paying subscribers since its June 2015 launch,” Billboard reports. “It is unclear whether Apple might replace Iovine, who never took a specific title at the company.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Jimmy Iovine could be effectively replaced simply by setting a large bucket at the rear end of a bull.

We’ve always had the inkling that Steve Jobs understood exactly what Jimmy Iovine was, but that, perhaps, Jimmy bamboozled Tim Cook with bullshit. $3 billion for Beats was a wild overpayment for shitty headhones and a music service with no subscribers. — MacDailyNews, June 9, 2015

Not all RDFs are created equal. Be careful, Jimmy. There’s a fine line between operating a functional RDF and a dump truck full of bullshit.MacDailyNews, May 29, 2014

Jimmy Iovine brings his own brand of ‘reality distortion field’ to Apple – May 29, 2014


    1. I would not mind selling air and snake oil to Apple for $3 billion and being called full of bullshit later by some dudes in forums.
      I guess iovine deserves all. It was a business deal.

    2. See ya Lovine, you egotistical asshat. Another example of why software and technology should never be put into the hands of technologically lay people. He might know music, but it appears that the design of Apple Music was driven by him, and we all know how much of a trainwreck the Apple Music interface is.

      It’s still horrendous.

      1. Hustled Tim …Dumped Beats crap on Apple for 3 billion and now that all is vested its bye bye time…

        Good.. dont let the door hit u on your behind. …

        Crap deal with crap people. ……

  1. Jimmy Lovine, Dr. Dre, and Beats, garnished with Eddie Cue are all products of Cook who does not have a vision and the ability to look where anything might be heading to (unlike Steve Jobs), and paid Lovine and Beats et al more than $3 billion. $3 billion, folks!! Jobs killed optical drive, predicted the demise of Adobe Flash and made many other radical moves, most of which turned out right. He had a technical prowess, and the ability to seei where the puck is going to be, not where the puck is. What Cook did, for example, was killing off audio jack, and offered us the overpriced airpod at more than $200. Ridiculous.
    We need a leader with a vision of far down the road, and offer us continuous innovation and refresh, if not new products. Lovine is laughing all the way to his bank.

  2. If Jimmy Iovine bamboozled Steve Jobs with bullshit, oughtn’t we genuflect to Jimmy? Doesn’t the biggest bullshit artist win it all? Donald Trump did it.

    1. Fool yourself that Trump is bulllshitting.
      He’s not. And is only getting started.
      And he’s doing it right in front of you. Tweeting to your iPhone daily. The swamp is being exposed and drained.
      Trumps not only effective and on target but the most fun president ever to watch in action. Iovine is cashing out and I’m sure it’s Cooks way to redistribute wealth to a certain community.

      1. New information out about Trump from many credible sources points to Trump being in the early stages of dementia. It would surprise me if Trump is able to serve out his full term.

    2. I wrote a few answers to your question, it was censored. I guess there were too many facts supporting my opinion. Funny how it looks like everyone else can spew forth vitriol on others but when it comes to reflecting that back to others the censors come out. Typical bully attitude in my opinion. Oh no I made an opinion, I hope this post will remain in spite of that.

      I wonder what they have to hide, maybe the con about free speech from your nation is too flimsy.

      Oh well perhaps someday I’ll be able to communicate again, like those from the free and civilized world who enjoy freedom of speech.

  3. Jimmy Iovine. Dr. Dre. Lisa Jackson. Asskissin Obama. Failure to deliver Mac Pros. Failure to deliver Home Pod, dumbing down MacBook Pro, getting in to making movies, an iPhone with a visibly flawed screen. And dependent on a pipeline with not one real disruptive product or idea since Jobs.

    Cook, for god sakes. Pack it in, go run a new NGO – heck, lets call it Rainbow Lives Matter, give a speech to the UN about the real meaning of gays in a transvestitial protofemine noiseless toilet, and go away.

  4. To borrow and paraphrase a quote:
    Apple should take Beats, shut it down and return the money to shareholders.

    Biggest waste of $3 Billion in Apple history. A me too rental service they could have set up on their own and a brand of the shittiest headphones and speakers this side of Wal-Mart.

    Iovine is a hanger on andCon-Man. A Grifter.

  5. Apple Music still sucks at creating “radio stations.”

    I pick a song I like. I tell AM to create a staton based on it.

    The music it plays keeps drifting away from the style of song it was based on. I tell AM I don’t like a song it is playing on this new station, AM tells me it will play less like it. But it keeps playing that same dam song.

    Spotify was great at creating stations based on a song, even creating a station based on a whole playlist. I won’t go back to Spotify because I subscribe to AM. But AM sucks at creating stations.

  6. for the last several years if you read Iovine’s interviews outside the tech press, i.e in Billboard, business magazines, newspapers he’s quite frank that he doesn’t care about Apple and his ‘mission’ is to serve the MUSIC INDUSTRY. He thinks it’s his job to save his millionaire music industry buddies vs Apple , for example by signing ridiculously expensive ‘exclusive’ deals to his millionaire friends and then proudly claiming ” nobody is as good to the music business as him”.


    As an investor I’m scared the same shit will happen with Apple’s TV efforts.

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