An Apple conspiracy theory blooms

“For years, some iPhone owners have contended that Apple software updates purposely slowed their phones after two years in order to entice them to upgrade,” Aaron Pressman writes for Fortune. “You may have missed it over the holidays, but Apple actually admitted to purposely slowing older iPhones. So the conspiracy theorists are vindicated, right? Not exactly.”

“What Apple was up to over its past few iOS updates was not trying to entice new phone buying, but rather to solve a different [issue],” Pressman writes. “That was the glitch where an iPhone suddenly shut down even though the battery reported it had a remaining charge of 30%, 40%, sometimes even more than 50%.”

“It turns out that as phone batteries age, not only do they hold less charge, they also lose the ability to output maximum voltage at one time. So when an iPhone with an older battery needed a lot of power all at once, the battery couldn’t keep up and the phone shut down,” Pressman writes. “To avoid these seemingly random shutdowns, Apple tweaked iOS to cap the power draw, in effect forcing the phone to slow down. A better solution, or co-solution, might have been to alert iPhone owners that their batteries needed to be replaced.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As Hanlon’s razor states: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

As has almost always been the case with Apple, unfortunately, transparency comes later, not sooner, and usually as a reaction to negative publicity. A simple Knowledge Base article would have preempted all of this Reddit sleuthing and the attendant handwringing and erroneous presumptions.MacDailyNews, December 20, 2017

Apple should provide a toggle switch in Settings where users specify if they’d like to keep running at high processor speeds even if it means rapid shutdowns or if they’d like to run at lower processors speeds to accommodate an aging battery that requires replacement.MacDailyNews, December 27, 2017

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  1. Apple historically has endeavored to keep the technical in and outs invisible to the end user. Sometimes, it’s like walking a tight wire, but the user world has appreciated it. This lawsuit brouhaha is the result of Apple’s well-intentioned finesse slammed by doofi who hate Apple’s success and hope to shake some crumbs it’s banquet table. My iPhone has always alerted me when the battery is low and wants to know if I want to go into low power mode. No issue here. Here’s a damn fact: the copycat droids will all have tethered end of life battery routines in their next updates.

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