Rosenblatt analyst: There’s no evidence of iPhone X production cuts

“Contrary to supply chain speculation, production of the iPhone X remains right on schedule, according to investment firm Rosenblatt Securities, which also has seen evidence that sales are accelerating in China,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Jun Zhang said there has been no evidence of further cuts to iPhone X production after the holiday season,” Hughes reports. “The memo to investors issued on Tuesday is particularly noteworthy because Rosenblatt has a history of providing negative outlooks on AAPL stock.”

“Rather than iPhone X production cuts, Zhang believes it’s possible that the Taiwanese media is confused, and is instead referring to cuts in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus production,” Hughes reports. “According to Zhang, cuts for the iPhone 8 lineup began in the December quarter as production of the flagship iPhone X ramped up.”

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  1. The analysts like any negative news real or not, positive news does not move the stock so there is no money to be made.

    That being said as a long time stock holder I am a little concerned at how easy it is to get an X at the time of the year as it seems like it was much harder to get the 7 or even the 6 this early in the release cycle. Either all the shortages were just fake news or sales are really down. Here’s hoping for a major upside with the earnings are release in January

      1. No one gets up the production curve like Apple does… Many people trivialize how difficult this is, not to mention supply logistics. Apple makes it look easy. Their share price should have gone UP $5, not down !

    1. iphone x was in works for several years including collaboration with key suppliers, cook states high expectations for the x, production ramp and efficiency in place, impossible to determine slowdown from circumstantial reporting

    2. Could it be just that they have managed to ramp up production of X just in time? All I can say is, I bought mine in Hong Kong in an Apple store, the line was like 50 people non-stop with new ones joining while happy customers leave with their new found love. The sales rep that I talked to confirmed sales of around 2000 iPhone X per day. That’s just one store. I believe the X would set another record.

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