Morgan Stanley: Apple is our top stock pick for 2018, Android upgrading rate is accelerating Apple’s unit share in valuable China market

“Apple’s iPhone X is not only pushing existing customers in China to adopt the new luxury phone, but is even causing people to switch away from different brands, according to Morgan Stanley,” Thomas Franck reports for CNBC. “The combination of faster iPhone X adoption by Apple users and the increased switching rate is ‘accelerating’ Apple’s market share in China, one of the globe’s most valuable mobile markets.”

“‘Additional data show that iPhone X adoption in China is on a faster pace than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus … Despite faster penetration of iPhone X vs. iPhone 8/8 Plus, we believe there remains significant pent-up demand from the base of 2+ year old iPhone owners,’ wrote analyst Katy Huberty on Thursday,” Franck reports.

“Huberty explained that nearly half of Apple users in China who have already purchased the iPhone X upgraded from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, leaving a long ‘runway’ of customers with phones older than two years,” Franck reports. “Apple ‘remains our top pick entering 2018,’ Huberty added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Even the fragmandroid settlers can now see iPhone knockoffs for the dog-slow, derivative, insecure shams they are.

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  1. AAPL is SO FckeD Now. Doomed. /s … AAPL owner since 1995.

    What part of “YOU are the product” when it comes to Google don’t you people understand?

    Don’t even get me started with Amazone….. iChalk it up to consumer ignorance. Wire tapping your own home is BRILLIANT! Just wait till Amazone raises its Prime membership rate next year. Their business model is unsustainable in its current form. What is their P/E? nuff said. Numbers don’t lie.

    1. Most people around the world don’t care if Google or Amazon uses their personal data. Most users only want inexpensive Android smartphones and “free” services. Wall Street rates both Amazon and Google as having more value than Apple so it’s Apple shareholders who are the big losers. Privacy means nothing to the big investors. Only Apple is seen as the biggest loser for trying to protect consumers’ privacy.

      Wall Street thinks the best thing in the world is for everyone to have listening devices in every room in their homes. I sure don’t want it but I suppose most people do. Using listening devices isn’t really wire-tapping because consumers are legally and happily installing listening devices into their homes because they actually want a device listening to them. They believe have nothing to hide.

  2. A Nomura analyst has already downgraded Apple right from the start, so it probably shouldn’t be considered as a top pick for 2018. None of the FANG stocks have been downgraded and probably never will be. Even Microsoft is being praised as a better investment than Apple. Apple will soon be sitting on a repatriated overseas tax windfall of around $200B and was still downgraded. I think that basically tells the whole story of why Apple shouldn’t be considered a top pick. Someone will always find some fault with Apple that won’t necessarily affect other major tech companies.

  3. Ha ha ha
    Katy Huberty & Morgan Stanley were generally bashing Apple all the while I was buying it on the way up, from less than $1 (adjusted) in 2003. Ha ha ha. Way to call ‘em !

  4. Why would anyone base an investment on someone _else’s_ bad, adverse, or negative assessment? The only logical way to invest is based on one’s own assessment & opinion.

    Same goes for selling as it does for buying. Katy Huberty & Morgan Stanley had/have nothing to go with it, either way.

    I just chuckle that they gave such consistently bad “professional” advice to their clients gorduch a long time.

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