GOP tax cut plan sets 15.5% repatriation rate on offshore cash; 8% if invested in plants and equipment

“The top tax rate that U.S. companies would pay on an estimated $3.1 trillion in earnings they’ve stockpiled overseas crept up to 15.5 percent in the final version of the GOP tax bill released Friday,” Lynnley Browning reports for Bloomberg.

“President Donald Trump had initially called for a top rate around 10 percent for companies’ offshore profits, but as GOP lawmakers searched for revenue to offset the cost of other tax cuts, one of the sources they settled on was multinationals’ offshore cash,” Browning reports. “Under the GOP tax plan that’s headed for votes in the House and Senate next week, earnings that companies hold offshore as cash and cash equivalents would be taxed at 15.5 percent. Income invested in less-liquid assets — including plants and equipment — would be taxed at 8 percent. Both taxes would be mandatory, not optional.”

Browning reports, “Under current law, companies can defer paying U.S. income taxes on their foreign earnings at the corporate rate of 35 percent until they return, or ‘repatriate,’ them to the U.S. The deferral provision has led companies to stockpile those earnings overseas.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Expect investment in plants and equipment, obviously.

As we wrote yesterday, “We’d bet large multinationals would take a bit of a hit on repatriation in exchange for finally moving to a territorial system.”

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  1. This is so WRONG. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MUST STOP. We must stop the economy from growing because it favors the FEW, the PROUD. HOW DARE COMPANIES ASK ME TO PAY FOR SOMETHING. Stop it, end it, shut it all down. STOP THE ECONOMY. We must move back to an aristocracy.

  2. 82% of people pooped Ronald Reagan’s tax plan when it first came out.
    Go ahead and ignore the national debt increase under Obama’s tenure…you’re
    watching the wrong channel and only
    getting the side they want you to hear.

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