Apple Watch: The war for wearables is over, and Apple won

“The Apple Watch conquered all comers and became the most important wearable in the world in 2017,” Brett Williams writes for Mashable. “The iPhone maker flexed its muscles to take over the young wearable space in a relatively short period. Apple only released its first smartwatch in April 2015, and its latest, the Series 3, is just the third iteration of the device.”

“‘Apple has shipped 34.4 million smartwatches worldwide since it entered the category in 2015,’ said Canalys analyst Vincent Thielke in an email to Mashable. ‘In other words, Apple accounts for 51.6 percent of all smartwatches ever shipped,'” Williams writes. “The Apple Watch’s success is certainly a result of the company’s status as one of the most popular (and valuable) brands in the world, but it wasn’t Apple’s branding presence alone that made it the wearable king in 2017.”

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular). The freedom to go with just your Apple Watch.
Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular). The freedom to go with just your Apple Watch.

“The biggest reason Apple won the wearable war this year was the realization of the Apple Watch’s potential as a standalone device,” Williams writes. “Demand for the new Series 3 devices has reportedly outpaced supply, and Apple is primed to sell even more in 2018 as it brings more devices to market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAWID.

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    1. It’s almost like certain reviewers couldn’t come up with much of anything negative about Apple Watch, so they resorted to inventing one. “Well, you don’t really need it,” they sniff.

      As we’ve written many times when encountering this misplaced “need” criteria in Apple Watch reviews: “As for necessity, nothing beyond food, water, and shelter qualifies, so don’t make that a deciding factor. If you’d like something that saves you time throughout the day and makes managing many everyday activities significantly easier, then the Apple Watch is for you.”MacDailyNews, June 29, 2015

      1. My grandmother used to tell about the horseless carriages that would pass by her Oregon plot. She’d say, “They mightn’t change the world but I wouldn’t mind if the lads stopped for a spot of tea, and we could discuss it.”

        1. Buyer’s remorse is a bitch, eh? Or are you such a douche you can’t be happy for other people who “think different”? I, for one, am so glad that you can’t live without your Apple Watch. Please, tell me more.

    2. Some folks didn’t get the irony. To make it clear to them: Appel Watch is one great device, and I got all three generations. I even keep the second generation as a backup for the third one, only the first generation Apple Watch I gave away.

      However, Apple Watch is not a device I need in a way I need my iPhones, I could live without my Apple Watches but not with my iPhones.

      I simply don’t want to live without! Apple succeeded to make the Watch a product I don’t want to miss. This is great art, I I gladly pay every year for the new iteration not looking back or the money of last year.

      I still remember – somebody has to pay for the new mothership. If it’s me, why not!

  1. For what it’s worth I was at the local Apple store this past weekend and the Watch table was extremely busy. I think the cellular stand alone factor is making a difference………

  2. The tipping point is here. By this time next year millions of people will either get a free (or greatly subsidized) Apple Watch from their Fortune 500 employer or life insurance company to lower health costs. Look for new watch hardware and software features to detect and monitor blood pressure, diabetes, and onstructive sleep apnea.

    In two years its big brother time. Look for car insurance discounts for wearing a Cellular apple watch while drivng (collecting all sorts of telemetry). Insurance companies will not subsidize a phone since a device physically strapped to you identiifies who is wearing it (heatbeat signature anyone) and when.

    10 years out your life insurance company can give a 50 year old affordable term life insurance because “your blood pressure, glucose levels, etc indicate you only had one drink, didnt smoke, etc.”.

    If you think google maps is impressive now wait for a few years

      1. It must be awful being you.

        The number of switchers from Android to iOS is several magnitudes greater then the opposite. The likelihood that those given an AppleWatch, that aren’t already an iPhone user, WILLINGLY switching to iPhone is very, very high. Especially when the benefits of wearing an AppleWatch includes lower health insurance and a better quality of life.

        1. Are you really going to be playing the numbers game? Who cares, but Android is by far the larger ecosystem. And do you really think that Android doesn’t already do what Apple Watch does, or will add features in very short order?

          What sucks is being beholden, locked-in, and herded. Imagine that, change your phone to get the watch… How about the watch play well with others…? No? Then NO!.

          1. I can almost hear the tears streaming down your face from here, buh, buh, buh, but Android is bigger and does everything the Apple Watch does, nooooooooo!!!! Dude, nobody cares what you think about Apple, like, nobody. Not one. You’re just shouting at the sky. Hope you’re having fun wasting your life.

            1. You probably couldn’t read my comment through the tears streaming out of your eyes, clouding your vision. Get some sleep and try not to dream about Apple like you normally do every night, then come back and read my comment again. Short version: Nobody. Cares. What. You. Think. About. Apple.

            2. “Look in the mirror moron, you’re not replying like a good doggy?”

              The difference being this is the only time I have ever left a comment on MDN, and you’re an infestation here. Keep on crying and replying, that’s all you do on MDN. Cry. Reply. Repeat. How bad do you need to have the last reply? Does it burn inside you? Do you toss and turn at night screaming “I haven’t had the last reply”! Pathological.

  3. now it’s time for you, Road Warrior, to step down off your high horse. If your hubris keeps you on your perch, please report your efforts in bettering this world, esp your those battling the evil USA’s tendencies. Please don’t consider your vocalizations here as effectual or bringing such benefit. Of course you wouldn’t think that, would you?

      1. Yes ironically as it is, people can make all sorts of personal attacks on me, and derogatory comments about other nations (I found the repeated Chicoms ones particular ironic and derogatory).

        My post was an opinion coupled with some facts and it was removed. Wasn’t the first time probably not the last, after all someone has something to hide, and bullies typically can’t take what they dish out.

    1. Interesting post I’ve Set the Step in the Right place….

      First of all I’m not on a high horse, but I am looking at a nation that has fallen off of theirs.

      I’d be happy to share part of my efforts in bettering the world, apart from my vocalizations but you first, lead the way.

      1. If you (RW) are not on a high horse, hubris fits. Or maybe I should use the word presumptuous? If not presumptuous, you’ve at least are ignoring some social considerations as you month after month, yr after yr, bring up a topic that is out of context, presented with vitriol and poorly assimilated on a Mac site.
        I get it, we all have are pet issues that can seep into our Mac voices and be contrary to “this” mix, but the pet that’s yours arises like one communicating a personal obsession and often over-reaching to make a connection to the topic at hand. And it’s endless.

        I asked about your involvement in changing the world in light of your ideals and wondered if something so deeply felt would be better aired in a true political realm, or in the context of peace org, a UN action group, as a community organizer, or….? At least the context would be more fitting, but I think there would be a good chance the hatred would tire anyone. I wonder if expression with violence is in your quiver.

        In a realm like this, your words are ones consistent with scolding and the hatred of the US is unmistakable. For one, this isn’t the site for “that kind” of communication. While said with a seething and incessant hatred, it’s hardly what I’d call a instructional/persuasive delivery. Because of the animus, it’s easy to see it as coming from someone high atop a horse.

        1. I thank you so much for your response, for even if I see none your efforts in bettering this world in it I appreciate the time and effort made to reply.

          As I have said time and time again I am not against Apple’s home country, I’m pro free and civilized world. The difference may be subtle but it’s an important one. I’m not the one that is disrespecting a sovereign country by invading it, your nation is. I’m not the one who has been torturing and killing innocent people for over a decade, your nation is. yet after those clear actions you have the gall to say I’m the one filled with hate, that’s quite the deflection. I say the contrary, your nation is the one filled with fear and hate and it would certainly please me to see your nation regain its sense of morality and stop the torture, stop killing innocent people in Iraq. Not finding a weapons of mass destruction program after a decade plus indicates the possibility that there is not nor has their ever been one (either that or you are really incompetent as a nation) and yet you persist with an war that is way out of context, presented with vitriol (after all you are killing people) and poorly assimilated by those of the free and civilized world.

          So my comments are not to be insults, rather a wake up call to regain the ethics and morality that once served to make your nation great and respected around the world. Don’t you even miss that?

          I don’t see this as a political issue, it’s a humanitarian one and Apple is a very humanitarian company from my experience. That is why this is an important place to bring this issue forth. Apple has those humanist qualities that a great deal of your nation lacks. It’s as simple as that. You can hate me for it, your nation seems to embrace hatred, and you never seem to tire of it, you can say I hate you for it all you want (I don’t but that seems to be a lost insight from you, possibly something lacking from your quiver), but the fact is what your nation is doing and have been doing for over a decade is neither ethical, moral or humane.

          The topic is not out of context, look at the headline “Apple Watch: The war for wearables is over, and Apple won”. There we go again, another war. Your nation certainly has a fetish for it, you’ve been war mongering every since 1776, the vast majority of your country’s history has been at war, you glorify it, and the war machine is intricately woven into your economy, indeed the very fabric of your culture. I’d love to see a bit more peace and love coming from your nation, but that’s entirely up to your country and I’m not holding my breath.

          Essentially you have asked for my efforts in bettering the world and I simply asked you to go first. Your reply while excellent misses the mark totally. I still know nothing about what you do to better the world (possibly because I lack something to see it or you haven’t described it), and in the light of your response, I’m very reluctant to provide any information on how I better the world.

          I was certainly nice chatting with you.

          1. War is the business of our species, wouldn’t you care to admit? Only lately, with the advent of mutually assured destruction, has the business model shifted to diplomacy. In evolutionary terms, it is too soon to cast aspersions on one tribe’s proclivities whilst lauding another’s. The fate of future generations will decide who had the better idea, not a moralist sitting in the catbird seat.

  4. It appears AppleWatch isn’t the failed product some analysts said it was. Thank heavens. The AppleWatch was said to be Tim Cook’s first and only failed product before he gets fired. I definitely see a good number of people wearing them in NYC. I’d like to get one but I’ve got too many other priorities (like saving up for the iMac Pro) which I’ll get far more use out of.

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