Apple debuts three new TV ads for iPhone X featuring Face ID

Apple today debuted three new television advertisements featuring the device’s TrueDepth Camera system and Face ID.

In “Adapts to Your Face,” Apple explains that iPhone X recognizes you, even when you change.

“Introducing Portrait Lighting,” has Apple showing off Portrait Lighting on iPhone X. Studio-quality portraits without the studio.

In “Opens with a Glance,” Apple spotlights Face ID. The most unforgettable magical password ever created: Your face.

MacDailyNews Take: The badly overmatched so-called competition has no answers.


    1. Tim may be correct. Supply has surely exceeded demand on eBay for sure. Yes, there are lots of “rare! iPhone X $2500” listings. But dig under the belly of the eBay machine and look at US auctions (since the ads are in US). The actual auctions “ending soon” are ending up with prices (including shipping) *Below* cost. The “buy it now” “auctions” for $2600 on the title have “buy it now” for pretty much street price. Hyped up “buy it now” prices generate clicks.

      No doubt delivery dates are hype. “Delivers on dates” are down to a few days where I look (Apple doesn’t count – they make the commercials).

    1. Coke and Mcdonalds aren’t claiming that demand is so high for their product that they can’t keep up.

      If you’re selling more than you can make, you don’t introduce new advertising.

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