Apple’s HomeKit security screwup spotlights the risk of smart homes

“The expression ‘safe as houses’ will become a thing of the past if tech firms don’t get connected home security right, and the need to be incredibly watchful was visible in Apple’s latest security blunder this week,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld

“The latest iOS 11.2 update held a zero-day vulnerability attackers could exploit to control smart home devices, including connected locks, 9to5Mac explains,” Evans writes. “While the vulnerability was difficult to exploit, and Apple has acted very swiftly to close this security gap, its existence exposes the risk of smart homes. Smart locks must really be locks, and not subject to being undone by opportunistic hackers.”

“While others rushed to market with smart home systems, Apple realised the need to ensure security protection in its smart home technologies early on. Its response was to develop HomeKit as a platform for smart home devices on iOS, but to ensure those solutions compatible with HomeKit meet certain criteria, including use of approved technologies,” Evans writes. “The strength of that approach is – oddly enough – proven by Apple’s response to this latest vulnerability. You see, Apple was able to address a platform-wide problem by making a temporary fix to its own HomeKit servers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nobody’s perfect, but Apple is lately a lot more imperfect than we expect them to be.

We pay for “it just works,” Apple. When you stop providing that, the gravy train will stop, too. Get your act together, Apple! — MacDailyNews, December 2, 2017

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  1. Tim needs to figure out if he wants to run the business or continue playing social justice ballerina. His current plan is falling apart at the seams and it’s getting old!!!

    1. Well said, Apple needs to “eat its own dogfood”. I’d also like to mandate all Apple employees use only Apple branded computers and iPads to do all their work, so if there’s a bug in the software it impacts them, too.

    1. Steve Ballmer has signalled his interest in the Apple CEO position. I think he should be considered. Steve has beaucoup experience in the role. He would bring hard-nosed Windows expertise to the problematic macOS security fiasco. He knows how to defuse public-relations problems by expertly issuing glib assurances. He is just as ruthless as Steve Jobs but without the cloying Buddhist rhetoric. And he’s charismatic, as handsome and bald as Kojak, just as gritty, and he can dance! Best of all, he would find new opportunities for underperforming lieutenants: cabinetmaking for Jony Ive, and sanitary engineering for Eddy Cue. (Eddy reminds me of the Mario brothers for some reason.)

      There, I’ve proposed an actual solution instead of coming across as a delirious whiner, partisan, homophobe, misogynist, or casual sloganeer. I think.

      1. Thank you!

        Sadly, there’s a noticeable disinterest around this place in anything witty or amusing. Only poliTardiness and Apple hate, pro or con, draws the eyes of the automatons or even the smarties. It strikes me that this place is imploding alongside the increasingly dementia ridden US political party its masters champion.

        I personally am deriving far more joy from 9to5Mac and MacRumors. Just another Rodential fanatic fleeing a sinking ship of fools? O_O Eyes open.

        1. And yes kids, I note the demential failings of that other worthless US political party as well. Their vein attempts at propping up their future reputation, as seen via C-Span this past week, was choking with dust old gaseous emissions. Trotting out John Podesta to explain/pretend away the impact of his email hack was laughable.

          Will real leaders PLEASE STAND UP! You’re wanted.

          1. We do have leaders but all of them, long ago, succumbed to mysterious pied pipers who lured our precious children away by playing infectious tunes. The pipers at the gates of dawn have always entertained bargains with crass leadership, promising freedom and salvation but only at a terrible price. Thus do leaders sacrifice their followers, and doom themselves.

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