Macworld reviews B&O Beoplay E8 true wireless earphones: The sound quality is worth every penny

“Let’s get this out of the way: The B&O Beoplay E8 true wireless earphones cost $299,” Séamus Bellamy writes for Macworld. “Being both a cheapskate and a music aficionado, I tried, hard, to convince myself that other less expensive true wireless headphones that I’ve tested sound just as good, or better, than the E8s do.”

“But they don’t,” Bellamy writes. “If you demand the best possible sound in a compact, wire-free package, these are the headphones to get.”

“No matter whether you listen to them using their factory preset profile or tweak your tunes, you’ll find that the E8s sound very, very good, especially for Bluetooth earphones. Each earbud contains a 5.7mm electro-dynamic driver, and offer a frequency range of 20 to20,000 Hz,” Bellamy writes. “Using their default audio profile, they offer a stunning wide soundstage, with slightly forward bass, that was warm and punchy, but never overwhelming. The warm mids and clear highs that the headphones produced made everything I listen to, from Acquiraga Drom to to Żywiolak, sound amazing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re willing to trade some sound quality in wireless earbuds (which we usually only wear while running or in other noisy environments anyway) for the seamless ease-of-use that only Apple’s AirPods can deliver. Properly-fitted AirPods can deliver surprisingly good sound quality. Unlike other earbuds, AirPods never hurt our ears with prolonged wear, either. We can happily wear them for hours and not even notice they’re there.

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  1. The problem with AirPods is the “properly fitted” part. I do love the functionality of my AirPods, but I hate the hard plastic in my ear. I would MUCH prefer a soft rubber earbud that also blocks outside noise. When I bike with my AirPods downhill, I can barely hear the music over the rushing air. Bummer.
    Still, for size, weight, functionality and and battery life, they’re the best.

        1. Did not politicize it. Made a reference to a time (Bush era) when Apple made lots of things in White Plastic- iPods, MacBooks, AirPort Base Stations, Keyboards, Mice, iMacs.

          Apple then discovered Aluminum.

          Not a fan of stark white stuff. I think AirPods in a variety of colors would be a good thing.

      1. You should have said “stale millennial fashion era” or something without a person attached to it. If you use a presidential name in America, they don’t take it as a general period of time (Elizabethan, Victorian, or Edwardian eras are used in the most apolitical sense on the other side of the Atlantic). In ‘merrikah, stating one politicians name will cause everyone in the room to rush to opposite extremes and yell vile things at each other.

        Odd, because the last competent and effective president the USA had was Eisenhower, who died before these Apple fanboys were born. Who knows why they fight so much. Both parties are thoroughly corrupt, spineless, incompetent corporate puppets unworthy of any support.

    1. I love my AirPods and have had them for about a year. Incredibly convenient, really, really good sound (IMHO), excellent battery life (which is significantly better than the B&Os). Two other friends finally got some themselves, and they each feel likewise.

      The fit and comfort is really the luck of the draw.

      If the EarPods that came with your iPhone fit well for you, then the AidPods will probably fit a little better. If those earpods don’t work for you, then you’re probably not going to be too happy with AirPods. You can try these in an apple store btw.

      Sound wise, the AirPods sound better than EarPods, not by a huge amount, but definitely better. I have NEVER had a single pop, or loss of connection

      One great thing about the AirPods is how seamlessly everything works.

      You can hear beautifully using just one of the Airpods on a phone call, while charging the other in its case. When it gets low in battery life, you can pull it out of your ear (while continuing with your call), and replace it with the other. Start charging the other in the case, and keep going similarly all day.

      The person on the other end of the call doesn’t even know anything has changed.

  2. When using my Bluetooth headphones I am usually listening to podcasts and once in a while streaming radio, not too much music. Focal makes a nice set of Bluetooth phones that can easily be had for $60-100 and the battery life is about 8 hours on a full charge.

    The bonus is that they do not have the cheesy Beats logo or the ugly white plastic of Apple’s products.

    1. Pretty funny.

      Regarding your “cheesy white plastic” comment:

      You remind me of the father of one of my boyhood friends.

      He always said “What are you stupid? Everybody knows vanilla is the best flavor”

  3. You can’t have your cake and hear it too. We all want great sound, amazing functionality, forever battery life, compact size, etc. But, these things are governed by physics. It is all about balance and creating a product that profitably fills a market niche. Don’t we live in great times? We have so many great gadgets to choose from!

  4. MDN has a well trained kennel of Pavlovian bitches. Post an article about a 3rd party product that has almost nothing to do with Apple, then without seeing touching or hearing the expensive BO buds, post a selfish Take declaring how Apple’s branded product must be better because, you know, Apple is always perfect to you. Hen the peanut gallery–also ignorant of the newest other wireless buds – proceeds to sing in unison with MDN’s uninformed position.

    This ain’t news, folks. It’s an opinion circle jerk.

    1. “MDN has a well trained kennel of Pavlovian bitches.”

      Nice elevation of tone.

      “Then the peanut gallery … proceeds to sing in unison with MDN’s uninformed position. [how Apple’s branded product must be better because, you know, Apple is always perfect ]”

      Reread these MDN user comments please. You’ll have a hard time finding a single one of them doing what you claim.

      These MDN user comments are almost entirely comprised of users’ personal experiences with AirPods -with both pluses and minuses, and, contrary to your claims, no subjective comparisons to B&O.

      Overreact Much?

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