Frequent Apple critic U.S. Senate Democrat Franken expected to resign Thursday over sexual misconduct accusations

“A top Senate Democrat says he expects Sen. Al Franken to resign Thursday over allegations of sexual misconduct. Another woman has come forward with accusations against the Minnesota Democrat of sexual misconduct,” The Associated Press reports. “In a tweet on Wednesday, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon said: ‘I expect that Senator Franken will announce his resignation tomorrow.’ Wyden tweeted that ‘It is the right thing to do given this series of serious allegations.'”

“More than a dozen Senate Democrats, led by female lawmakers, have called on Franken to step aside. The nearly simultaneous clamor for the two-term senator to quit comes a day after Michigan Rep. John Conyers, another Democrat, announced his resignation,” AP reports. “Franken’s office said in a brief statement that he will have an announcement on Thursday, details to come.”

“Franken’s support among his fellow Democrats is collapsing as a host of female Democratic senators called upon him to quit,” AP reports. “Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Patty Murray, D-Wash., Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., all called on Franken to step down. The calls came as another woman accused Franken of sexual misconduct in an account to Politico… Franken is denying an accusation by a former Democratic congressional aide that he tried to forcibly kiss her after a taping of his radio show in 2006.”

Al Franken and Leeann Tweeden during a USO Tour in 2006. (photo: KABC)
Al Franken and Leeann Tweeden during a USO Tour in 2006. (photo: KABC)

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MacDailyNews Take: But who will jump on Apple’s coattails feigning concern and demanding answers to already-answered questions with every new product and feature announcement simply and oh-so-obviously in order to get his name in the press?

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    1. Typical partisan comment…

      At least the Democrats are cleaning house and some of the accused are admitting wrongdoing. Surely you cannot believe that every Republican in the House and Senate (and White House) is pure and innocent?! Surely some of the accusations against Republican politicians are valid?

      All I hear are denials, even when there is some evidence to the contrary (like Trump’s admission on tape). The hypocrisy sickens me. I don’t give a damn about political parties – if they are guilty then they should go. This crap has to stop.

        1. My fellow Americans, trump does not care about the west coast. CA would not vote for that jackass come hell and high water. So, pushing North Korea to war is a win win in his mind. trump figures north korea at best may hit California so that will eliminate the opposition from there. Sorry California. Then he and Putin would be free to rob the world at will. he also figures once at war Americans will not change presidents. So, those of us left will be to busy trying to help bury dead and dying in California not to mention Idaho, Washington state, Nevada, you know those of you that don’t realize air pollution is a federal issue will find out as the winds carry the radiation from state to state. Many will develop cancer along with their kids, but trump will be safe, Russia’s putin too. The winds do not blow that way. Watch your local weather person to see which way the wind blows.

            1. it’s not his money Russian, not his money to gift California. Man! you russians still lack a basic understanding of how America works.

              But why in the hell would anybody believe that, seen Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands where he does not know he is the president..

              Well, if that crazy butt of North Korea hits anywhere close to CA with an nuclear missile, surely after the death of all those liberals on the west coast the other crazy butt, in Washington, will make up for all the death with someones else’s money.

              we’ve been down this road before. george cut taxes, America went to war, American economy went to hell. what’s new this time? we’ve got a president that is a thief, a conman, and a lair. Ask soon to be President Pense, he will tell you those are trump’s best attributes. I’m sure when Pense ends a speech he’s thinking “… and may God help America…”, there’s a demented man in my seat.

            2. Bob,

              Your state, like Puerto Rico are massively in debt and asking for more assistance. Like Puerto Rico, you have spend next to nothing on infrastructure. Just ask your governor about how many dams he’s built since the 70’s but you have no water and a 40% increase on the population. If it wasn’t for other states and federal water rules, you would have no water.
              Yes you have serious pollution issues but it’s not coming from other states. Look in your own back yard and stop spending money you don’t have and keep your hands in your own pockets.

              Me, me, me…thats all I hear from California. I don’t care what your politics are but I’m tired of paying bills.

          1. With Trump, no sexual assault took place. He was bragging about what he supposedly does with the consent of women. Who knows what he actually does?

            Franken assaulted women with active non-consent. Franken even claimed he had a RIGHT to do it.

            Franken seems to get off on the forcible intrusion on the woman. Trump seems to delight in the fact that women want him. Those are entirely different sexual orientations! Franken is the one on the rapist spectrum.

          2. Barry,

            We must have been listening to different tapes.

            I heard Trump say that he could kiss women and grab them by the genitals without their prior consent and they wouldn’t complain because he was a powerful person in their industry. He said this at a time that his wife was pregnant, and in the context of describing his efforts to seduce the married co-host of Entertainment Tonight.

            I did not hear Franken say that any of his crass conduct was acceptable. He did not indicate that he “gets off on the forcible intrusion on the woman.” That is exactly what Trump said he does.

            Franken’s behavior was utterly unacceptable. No doubt about that. However, the allegations—even if every detail is true—do not describe conduct on the same plane as grabbing women by the genitals without their consent or any of the sexual harassment/assault allegations made by over a dozen women against Trump. Yes, those allegations are unproven in court, but so are the allegations that led to Franken’s resignation.

            That brings us to the other shining example of hypocrisy within the “Moral” Majority. If I were a prosecutor in Gadsden, Alabama, I would not hesitate to prosecute Roy Moore based on the evidence currently available… if the crimes in question were not barred by the Statute of Limitations. I actually have prosecuted cases with far less evidence and obtained convictions.

            Everyone, even most of Moore’s supporters, agree that the women (and their dozens of supporting witnesses) are credible and that there is no reason to disbelieve them. They have then stated—in so many words—that it would be worse to have another Democrat in the Senate than a man who used his authority as a 32-year-old public servant to undress a 14-year-old ninth-grader and fondle her genitals through her underwear. They are therefore willing to support him even if the allegations are true.

            Values voters?

      1. Democrats. The party that sacrificed an untold number of women victims in order to cling to power via the Clintons for several decades.

        Franken was elected by voter fraud.

        Karma always wins in the end.

    2. How do you feel when Republicans sweep their garbage under the carpet. As a matter of fact the RNC re supports Moore. Funny how you’re not going to comment on that.

      The Democrats are NOT the party of family values – that’s the Republican’s theme. They’re also the party of immeasurable hypocrisy.

      1. …no physical evidence, no sworn testimony, not one criminal complaint filed in forty years. The Washington Compost/Gloria Allred smear campaign has failed…

        just like the democrat party.

        1. So you believe that the physical evidence presented over the past few days is fake? Women with documented proof that Moore as a 30 something was dating 14 – 17 year olds just made up those documents, scrapbooks, etc.?

          Criminal complaints are beside the point. No one has (yet) filed a criminal complaint against Franken either.

          Moore is scum. As the lawyers would say, “There’s a preponderance of evidence saying so.”

          Dozens of people interviewed by various news outlets (not just the Washington Post or other left leaning news organizations) have stated it was common knowledge in the local area that he dated girls younger than 18. Several sources have said it was common knowledge that he was banned from several public places (e.g., the local shopping malls) because of how he trolled there for young girls.

          There has been documentation and physical evidence against Moore. The fact that organizations like the RNC support him is despicable.

          If you support the election of Moore to the U.S. Senate, I strongly request that you reevaluate that.

          1. Innuendo and gossip is not sworn testimony, turn-off CNN and read the fúcking Sixth Amendment.

            Al Franken publicly confessed his sexual misconduct, with photography that he did not deny.

            There is absolutely NO physical evidence of any Moore transgressions. None.

          2. In many countries girls are put up for marriage at 13 or 14 often to much older men. Although it is odd that a 32 y.o. may date a 16 y.o., it is not criminal in many jurisdictions. In Hawaii age of consent used to be 14 y.o. About 15 years ago the law was changed. If the perpetrator is more than 5 years older than the recipient, it is statutory rape. If the age difference is less than 5 years, it is okay. A woman I went out with a few times had a daugh daughter who was impregnated by a 22 y.o. before the age of consent changed. The current age of consent is 16, I believe. So really what difference does it make if More dated girls 15 years his junior. The ones above 18 had left for college and the ones over 22 married. I’ve seen no one claim that they actually had sex with them. As for touching, there were many times when I was dating my hands were pushed away.Kissing okay but touching was not so okay. I’m of the vintage of Judge Moore – times were different then.

          3. “Women with documented proof that Moore as a 30 something was dating 14 – 17 year olds just made up those documents, scrapbooks, etc.?”

            Signing a yearbook is repeated millions of times a year and is NOT PROOF of sexual harassment or a relationship. Obvious you do not work in the legal profession.

            “Criminal complaints are beside the point.”

            Sorry to point out you now have properly exposed yourself as legally CLUELESS. Criminal complaints are the beginning and criminal convictions are the end.

            “No one has (yet) filed a criminal complaint against Franken either.”

            Correct. Same as Conyers and same as Moore. Please direct your “scum” comments equally across the board and to both parties. We have enough blind partisanship in the country today.

            Also, let’s not forget Fanken ADMITTED his acts, Moore DENIED the accusations and is allowed the legal benefit of a doubt.

            “Dozens of people interviewed by various news outlets (not just the Washington Post or other left leaning news organizations) have stated it was common knowledge in the local area that he dated girls younger than 18. Several sources have said it was common knowledge that he was banned from several public places (e.g., the local shopping malls) because of how he trolled there for young girls.”

            You are as good a journalist as a lawyer — NOT! Common knowledge or common he said she said gossip? Off the record anonymous sources are not legally binding and the journalism profession employs this despicable practice daily with no repercussions and protected by the First Amendment.

            In other words, a rush to judgement media ruling without legal filings and no TRANSPARENT accusers that the defense is allowed to cross examine. In other words, a KANGAROO COURT.

            “There has been documentation and physical evidence against Moore.”

            I’ll try not to laugh, what do you have legally besides a yearbook goodwill signature?

            “The fact that organizations like the RNC support him is despicable.”

            The fact that organizations like the DNC supported Bill Clinton in the 1990s and stood silent while his wife systematically destroyed the reputations of over a dozen sexual misconduct accusers in the media. Now, that’s despicable.

            “If you support the election of Moore to the U.S. Senate, I strongly request that you reevaluate that.”

            I strongly request that you reevaluate your one sided blind bias and remember always legal proceedings count the most over media biased breathless blather reporting …

            1. I know you don’t believe me when I say I did “work within the legal profession” for forty years, but it is true. It is also true that I accepted, prosecuted, and won cases many times over those years with proof beyond a reasonable doubt that was weaker than the public evidence against Roy Moore. He will never face legal proceedings because the Statute of Limitations on his alleged crimes has long since expired.

              That is actually sort of beside the point, as is the argument that having sex with minors used to be legal. For a thirty-something adult in a position of public trust to be stalking high-school girls would be creepy to the point of disqualifying him for public office even if it were perfectly legal. Do we Republicans really want to go into the mid-term elections labeled as the Pedophile Party?

            2. “Do we Republicans really want to go into the mid-term elections labeled as the Pedophile Party?”

              I have written dozens of times here that I am a life long independent registered voter. So don’t call me a Republican. And BTW, your writings are anything but Republican (FAKE) …

          4. I really don’t get the conservative handwringing. He did it, it’s old news, and he’s going to win his election. It’s almost like the conservatives here are saying that they would support him only if he’s not guilty, and that’s a lie. 🙂 See, I don’t have to make up any wild theories or a really incredible assumptions to “make me feel better”.

            And, for anyone who is basing their support on whether or not the allegations are true, then you’re just RINO anyway.

      2. If someone without a shred of evidence falsely and maliciously accuses you of impropriety will you admit to the crime knowing that you are innocent, quit your job, and plead for help and mercy, and submit yourself to public shame and humiliation. Good for you.

    3. You can say that again and again and again …

      For years the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media portrayed Republicans as the exclusive party of sexual harassment.

      And all the while smugly smiling, sneering and making mockery of Republican family values. What family values do the Democrats espouse? Too easy — sexual harassment double standard hypocrite ENABLERS!

      Now that the Weinstein dam broke in righteous fashion we are learning the real party face of sexual misconduct.

      There is no putting back the Genie in the Democrat bottle … 😆

      1. Also notice that Al Franklin is a disgusting xenophobe with his neo-MacCarthyite Russiagate conspiracy theory (that still has zero actual evidence behind). Imagine he would saying the same things about Jews, for example.

    4. :::BREAKING NEWS:::
      CNN reports Funny Boy Franken wants to stay a little longer to get his last bill passed, changing Minnesota from The Gopher State to The Grope’her State.


    1. And I will be saying the same for all of the other offenders when they are forced to face the music, regardless of political affiliation.

      You know the saying about casting stones, don’t you? There is more than one big fat idiot in Washington, D.C.

      1. I’ve said for a long time now, they should have said from the start they were working with the Russians. With the White House, Supreme Court AND Congress all Republican, while there is a lot that COULD be done, but who would REALLY do anything? It’d be old news by now (because no one lied about it, no investigation to be held) and no one would raise an eyebrow when the Russians lend a helping hand next year either.

        The ones that don’t like it won’t like it, the “ones that don’t care” still won’t care, and it’s primarily the “ones that don’t care” that vote. After all is said and done, it only matters who’s got the most electoral votes.

        Watch what happens in Alabama and TRULY witness the unstoppable juggernaut that is today’s Republican Party.

        1. Grand Old Pedophiles are getting full of themselves.

          Lowest rated president in history.

          Lowest rated congress in history.

          Honorable democrat running for Alabama senate is being ignored while hypocritical republicans put partisanship over all else. Moore is a useless theocrat, not a representative of the people.

          Oil pipeline that Trump rammed through is leaking and polluting now.

          Utah , formerly home of pristine natural vistas, is now for sale to highest bidder.

          Muslim travel bans and pro-Israeli overtures, not to mention an unending run of anti-trade, pro-isolationist rhetoric ensures that the world will detest the USA for new reasons. Assuming NK doesn’t eliminate the USA with a nuke while clueless Trump is golfing first.

          Tax bill rammed through without debate or committee study, signed with pork written in the margins, guaranteed to create a bigger debt — surveys show that less than 30% of the public approves.

          Absolute power corrupts. Who could have imagined it would corrupt this fast.

          If the GOP wanted to make America great by spurring domestic investment, IT WOULD DO THAT. Eliminating the payroll tax would be easy. But no, the GOP is only interested in enriching themselves.

        1. They worked directly with the Russians AND got what they wanted out of the deal. I don’t see why people don’t want to give credit where credit is due. There’s really only three ways of looking at it.

          1. “I can’t believe my glorious honorable Republican Party could ever sink to that level. What about the midterms next year??” – along with all the liberal type hand wringing motions
          2. “NYAH NYAH NYAH I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY THEY DIDN’T DO IT AND NEVER WILL I’M GONNA PLUG MY EARS BECAUSE WE MAY LOSE THE MIDTERMS” – Which will keep this in the news and dragging on and on and on
          3. “Trump won, who cares?” Which is where most voters are and, again, look at what’s happening in Alabama.

          Mueller will find him guilty, you will cry foul and want to keep this whole thing going forever… but why? The sooner everyone gets to 3, the quicker all this becomes old news at we get on to the NEXT thing that he’s not going to be impeached for 🙂

            1. And here we have another RINO happily admitting to themselves “I just can’t stomach the fact that Trump did what was needed to win, so I’m going to delude myself that it didn’t happen.” It happened, Barry, just accept that and get past it.

              Actually, In another 3 years when you go to the polls, I really don’t care what you have to fool yourself into believing, really. Just vote for Trump. 🙂

              For me, I say he won, it’s done, you can’t do anything about it, what ELSE ya got?

  1. I rarely comment on the internal workings on this terrorist nation but I do have to say when it comes to having the scum of the earth involved in running that decrepit nation, it’s mission accomplished.

    Strangely enough they expect him to resign, I guess there is no shortage of those types in their government. It sure shows.

      1. I rarely comment on the internal workings of Apple’s home nation, stuff like their tax changes, their net neutrality issues, their politicians. This is the first time I have done so in a long time.

        Feel free to bring forth any links where I have done so but from your post I have serious doubts you want to bring facts to the issue.

        Now when it comes to the international stage, oh yes, I comment lots.

        Thanks by the way, I’d much rather be a f**king Canuck twink than a citizen of a fifth rate terrorist nation.

      1. Great comment for sure it is a global situation and promoted in some cultures more than others. What is relatively unique in my opinion is the spectacle that is made from it, for example Time’s Man of the Year are the silence breakers, women who have come forth with accusations. What a show.

    1. To show there’s no hard feelings, Senator-elect Roy Moore has invited Gloria Allred to Alabama to his Victory Celebration next Tuesday. Moore has even promised to sign Gloria’s yearbook.

      suck it, ‘tard, suck it long and hard for seven more glorious years!


  2. Personally I think Franken held Apple’s feet to the fire, not because he was trying to embarrass Apple, but more because he knew Apple has a high standard and that he could set the bar for other companies by having Apple detail what standard they use. Or, maybe it’s just me who thinks that.

    1. Hmm yeah does seem to be a bit of Dem hypocrisy in dere eh? Well I’m just glad a Clinton Dynasty was stopped dead in it’s tracks though the alternative has been a little dicey in practicality. Talk about a nation between a rock and a hard place!

  3. Biggest “Apple Critic” ing politics- The mentally disturbed orange Russian troll occupying the White House- who pointedly switched his phone to a Samsung. I’ll admit that most politicians seem to be rather clueless about technology and the internet- then again many posting here are utterly clueless about “politics.” (Actually, I don’t even consider this stuff being about politics- but decency, sanity, and morality.

  4. Why not post pics of your republican friends and their wide stances, child-molesting, P-grabbing? This pic was a joke with a willing participant. Shame on you for destroying this page with this fake news and divisiveness..

    1. Where do you get your #FakeNews?
      The woman absolutely, positively was not a willing participant.
      And now, we have six other women who say they were not willing participants in Franken’s sexual assaults.
      You win most effed up post of the day.

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