Apple releases iOS 11.2 with Apple Pay Cash

Apple early today released iOS 11.2 which introduces Apple Pay Cash to send, request, and receive money from friends and family with Apple Pay. This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.

Apple Pay Cash (US Only)
• Send, request, and receive money from friends and family with Apple Pay in Messages or by asking Siri

Other improvements and fixes
• Adds support for faster wireless charging on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X with compatible third-party accessories
• Introduces three new Live wallpapers for iPhone X
• Improves video camera stabilization
• Adds support in Podcasts to automatically advance to the next episode from the same show
• Adds support in HealthKit for downhill snow sports distance as a data type
• Fixes an issue that could cause Mail to appear to be checking for new messages even when a download is complete
• Fixes an issue that could cause cleared Mail notifications from Exchange accounts to reappear
• Improves stability in Calendar
• Resolves an issue where Settings could open to a blank screen
• Fixes an issue that could prevent swiping to Today View or Camera from the Lock Screen
• Addresses an issue that could prevent Music controls from displaying on the Lock Screen
• Fixes an issue that could cause app icons to be arranged incorrectly on the Home Screen
• Addresses an issue that could prevent users from deleting recent photos when iCloud storage is exceeded
• Addresses an issue where Find My iPhone sometimes wouldn’t display a map
• Fixes an issue in Messages where the keyboard could overlap the most recent message
• Fixes an issue in Calculator where typing numbers rapidly could lead to incorrect results
• Addressed an issue where the keyboard could respond slowly
• Adds support for real-time text (RTT) phone calls for the deaf and hard of hearing
• Improves VoiceOver stability in Messages, Settings, App Store, and Music
• Resolves an issue that prevented VoiceOver from announcing incoming Notifications

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

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  1. Updating as we speak..
    Apple cash should be awesome..

    But Apple..
    Can u on 11.2.1
    Give us the ability to HIDE the stupid, ugly and clumsy HOME SWIPE BAR….
    let it be an option in setting for those who may for some odd reason like it to turn it on.

  2. Hopefully this update makes iOS 11 (so far the biggest POS the world has seen), something that resembles being useable. It’s amazing how people that make big money can make sooooooo many mistakes. Surgeons and airline pilots don’t have the luxury of making mistakes like some of these Apple cone heads do. Releasing half finished pieces of crap is a Balmer thing that has no business in the Apple ecosystem. It’s time to get a boss with the guts to fire incompetents on the spot.

    1. Could you please describe the many mistakes in iOS 11. Be specific. Try not to sound like the Samsung PR department, but list at least some of these many mistakes.

        1. Do you really want to know, or have you been consuming too much koolaid?

          First of all I’ll disclose my “troll” credentials. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 x2, iPhone 5 x2, iPhone 6+ x2, iPad 3rd gen, IPad Air, Ipad air2, IPad Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac 21”, Mac mini, Apple Watch 1, Apple TV gen 3 x2, AirPort Extreme (current), AirPort Extreme (previous version), airport express, time capsule (original). Apple Music (family), 200gb iCloud storage, iTunes Match, 100s of paid apps, and 100s of paid iBooks, Oh ya, how about a 2017 Honda Civic hatchback with Apple CarPlay. So don’t tell me I’m a damn troll, pee-boy.

          First of all the screen locks unpredictably. Even when I open my phone icon to use my phone it freezes and then displays once it feels like it. If you can’t even make a damn phone call in a timely manner. I paid 1200 for this POS phone and I expect it work properly. Anything wrong with that? Music that’s downloaded to the phone and streaming stutters and skips. What’s the matter, can’t Apple even play a lousy 5 to 10mb file? The dreaded hamster wheel from hell is on most of my apps. The whole damn iOS 11 has been quirky and clunky from the start. Apple CarPlay is slow, clunky, disconnects for no reason. Good 32 apps are gone now while I toil with this piece of shit. Even this new fangled keyboard. Why do I have to swipe this stupid thing numerous times? I thought it was supposed to be better? iPhone, iPad, Mac, CarPlay. All the same crap. I can go on and on. The spell check is stupid, Siri is an idiot, how many damn times to I have to type something in before this thing gets what I’ve typed 10 times before? I open my camera to take a picture. Should be easy right? Nope, freezes and shows a black screen whenever it feels like it. Things work for awhile and then they don’t. There’s no rhyme and no reason.

          Now you tell me, genius boy, what I’m supposed to do after I’ve taken my 6+’s, IPad Air 2, IPad Pro and reset them all to brand new factory settings and them restored afterwards. Do you think I like waiting for 100s of apps and thousands of songs to download? After all that work they’re all clunky pieces of shit that I paid very good hard earned money for.

          I can’t stand the troll hunters that shoot their uneducated mouths off like trumpy shoots his mouth off about fake news.

          Apple has a very serious quality control problem and I’m here to say that as a fucking good customer that has paid dearly for an ecosystem, deserves better. If you can’t “update” something to make it BETTER, then leave the damn thing alone.

          Before you tell me to go buy something else, go fuck yourself.

  3. I wish they would fix an issue that I’ve been bitching about since iOS 11

    If you turn “switch time zones automatically” off in general settings under date & time it will turn itself back on with any shut down or power cycle.

    For someone that lives nexts to a different time zone and crosses frequently. This pisses me off and almost and I mean almost canceled two iPhone X orders. Literally the morning I woke up to do so I had tracking numbers. Apple please fix this before I ditch your phones completely.

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