Apple offices of South Korea raided ahead of launch of iPhone X

“South Korean authorities have raided Apple’s offices in Seoul as it prepares to launch the iPhone X,” Jasper Hamill reports for “ has learned that investigators visited Apple’s HQ earlier this week to ask questions about its business practices ahead of the launch of the smartphone tomorrow.”

“The raid is likely to raise questions about whether South Korean authorities are trying to hamper the success of the X, which has sold out across the world,” Hamill reports. “Apple products are wildly popular in South Korea.”

“Roger Kay, president of the tech analysis firm Endpoint Technologies Associates, previously accused South Korea of having a ‘protectionist agenda,'” Hamill reports. “In an article for Forbes, he wrote: ‘The Korea Fair Trade Commission has pretty much run amok in recent years, slapping spurious charges on foreign companies.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The fear wafting out of the Republic of Samsung is palpable.


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  1. people, in general, i think, respect those who conduct themselves with honor. samsung, in this regard, has failed themselves and the citizens of south korea. eric schmidt’s duplicity with steve jobs and the apple board regarding the iPhone has dishonored the entire google enterprise. most offenses are unknown. chinese ip theft will turn on itself. the careers of politicians are brought to ruin. marriages are destroyed. friendships annihilated. bonds broken. futures abandoned. honor is precious. it isn’t a commodity. once spent, is very difficult, if not impossible to earn back.

      1. At first, I thought you wrong. It is the recognition and continuing perception of honor that is earned. Honor is not binary though. Sometimes people with honor act unhonorably. Perceived honor is a lifelong pursuit which can be destroyed more easily than earned.

    1. Not “born with”, but chosen and that can become a core characteristic — and something that one acts with, whether or not anyone is watching.

      I think solomé is confusing honor with respect, which one can certainly earn.

      1. yes, i agree with that. i suppose it’s a choice we make for every moment, every day that we live. they aren’t all easy choices. maybe, that’s why we have hero’s. here’s a line i love:

        ‘you there, ephialtes, may you live forever.’

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