Google’s mysterious Fuchsia OS gets Apple Swift language support

“Google has given its mystery operating system Fuchsia an update to support Apple’s Swift programming language,” Liam Tung reports for ZDNet. “Swift has quickly become one of hottest languages among developers. Google last week caused a stir after it forked Swift, causing speculation that Google wanted to take the language in a different direction.”

“But Chris Lattner, who created Swift at Apple and now works at Google, told Business Insider that fears over Google forking Swift are a ‘misunderstanding’ stemming from GitHub’s terminology. In GitHub’s parlance, forking and copying mean the same thing,” Tung reports. “Lattner said on Twitter that the Google’s Swift clone was just a ‘staging ground’ and ‘integration point’ that it felt was necessary because so many people at Google are contributing to Swift.”

“One of the things Google is contributing to Swift is adding support to target its Fuchsia OS. Besides macOS and iOS, Swift can be used to target Linux, so Fuchsia adds one more option,” Tung reports. “Unfortunately, this development does little to clarify what Google’s plans are for Fuchsia. It has been developing Fuchia OS in the open but has yet to explain what it’s for, leading some to speculate it could be a replacement for Android, or even be used to combine Chrome OS with Android.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Is Fuchsia an attempt to replace Android, which was originally a BlackBerry clone that was hastily rejiggered by Google at the last minute to mimic Apple’s revolutionary iPhone, or is it a platform for writing universal apps with the ability to port them to various operating systems or is it something else entirely (an IoT OS, perhaps)?

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    1. The whole point of the article was to explain that they are _not_ making a separate version of Swift, just letting the public see their testing area for changes that will be contributed back to the main project of Swift once tested.

  1. STOP!

    This can’t be for realz. Google named an OS “Fuchsia“?!

    Sound out that name… I’ll wait….

    Here we have Do Know Evil Google literally inviting insult by way of a name that blatantly insinuates the company is…

    Google F’s Ya.

    Outstanding Google! You have officially entered into a state of dementia. Maybe this will help:

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