Apple’s new ad is a pointed riposte to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s iPad crack

“It was a nothing comment, the gentlest of ribbings: ‘You need to get a real computer, my friend,'” Lila MacLellan writes for Mashable. “Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, made the quip two weeks ago after spotting two reporters using iPads during a press event in India. The incident was described in passing in a TechRadar story, by a journalist who owned one of the offending iPads.”

“Several tech media outlets seized on the incident, suggesting that Nadella had channelled ‘his inner Steve Ballmer,'” MacLellan writes. “Arguably, that’s not what Nadella was doing at all. But whatever the intention, his comment looked like a contradiction of his own vision for Microsoft.”

“The CEO has been on tour with his new book Hit Refresh… [in which Nadella] repainted Microsoft as a kinder partner to its competitors, its ‘frenemies,’ as he writes in the book,” MacLellan writes. “Now, in what the tech media is reading as a response to Nadella’s poke of his biggest frenemy of all, Apple has just released a new ad called ‘What’s a computer?'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nadella T. Clown needs to read his own book and stop worrying about “real computers,” a market in which his company has already lost. Windows is not the future.

Satya, focus on making apps’ for Apple’s Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

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  1. got it. but I need a truck sitting on desk connected to 2 huge, sharp monitors. 🙂

    oh if you think I’m “behind the curve”, I STILL use my iPad 1 for reading, music, movies and light spreadsheets, documents and websites. That’s a lot but no heavy “content creation”.

    That iMac Pro is looking like a very nice truck…….

    1. Yeah I can’t wait to see one of those on a journalists lap during a press conference. Horses for courses and that’s the particular borse being discussed in this article.

      1. 12.9” with 512Gb capacity using Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. I use it for everything from running my business when out of office (from answering emails to designing new advertisements) to watching videos/tv for leisure and playing music (I have over 1,600 pieces of music on it)

  2. I had thought even diehard Apple fans were always wishing for some tablet that could run desktop OS X because iOS wasn’t powerful enough of an OS. From the very beginning, tech-heads were always saying about how iOS doesn’t have a real file system and that the iPad doesn’t come with USB ports?

    I’m fairly certain all IDC reports never counted the iPad as a real computer due to the fact that it only ran iOS. What’s the big deal about the iPad not being called a real computer? It’s still a very functional tablet and Apple makes money from every iPad sold. There are a lot of Apple haters out there would want to see Apple collapse. Microsoft seems to be praised a lot for the Surface Book models so they probably aren’t that bad in terms of hardware. Both the iPad Pro and the Surface Book seem to be pretty nice devices with their own strengths and weaknesses. Buy whichever one suits you best.

    1. Ios 11 with enhanced multitasking and split window features …and the files app…and drag and drop have brought the ipad to a complete new level as a content creation tool..
      Its no longer the old constrained ipd/ios paradigm .

      1. the commercial is ok ….the punchline has a ring to it but its also very silly. Feel sorry for the kid.. he does not know ipad is a computer.

        Is Apple trying to portray that computers are a bad thing.. ?

        Everything they make is a computer.

        1. Nice commercial, but the “you go grrl” Wonder Woman super programmer, intellectual girl doesn’t know what a computer is, creates cog dis. Would have been better: “what are you doing on your tablet?”, “what’s a tablet? this is a computer”.

  3. A computer is something that does Windows. After three years, you hopefully leave it at the curb but nobody picks it up. You have to wait for an e-waste recycling event to get rid of it.

  4. Look, I love Apple. Been an evangelist since the Performa series.

    But in the workplace, everybody still uses windows. And Apple doesn’t seem to care about the workplace. Our entire office is Mac. Mostly iMacs. But we are a small office with no IT staff and we do everything ourselves. It’s getting harder to do so. Our pro users are using old equipment. Our servers are older Mac Minis. No one likes the wireless keyboards, so I have to buy the extended keyboards for everyone. No one likes the mouse, so I have to replace all of those. The new ports are a constant frustration. We have to buy a dongle for everything. All of this adds to cost.

    When we hire new employees, they are frustrated we are mac based. Some of the services we subscriber to require us to use a Citrix Receiver for tunneling into a remote PC because their services won’t run on a Mac.

    I get it, Apple makes 90% of its money from disposable consumer products. They really don’t care about small businesses people who manage their IT.

    I’ve been loyal before Apple’s darkest days. I am not going anywhere. But I am frustrated.

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