Live sports integration likely coming to Apple’s TV app in early December

“Apple’s TV app is about to become a lot more useful for sports fans,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “We’re hearing that integration with live sports in the TV app is set to arrive next month.”

“Apple demoed this feature for its TV app on tvOS with Apple TV back in September,” Hall reports. “The TV app on iPhone and iPad will also include live sports integration when it ships.”

“According to the source, live sports integration should arrive in the TV app as part of iOS 11.2 on or around December 4th,” Hall reports. “Live sports integration will also work with the TV app on Apple TV and should arrive as part of tvOS 11.2 based on this information… The TV app will also gain a new Sports tab as part of the update with the most recent sports categories presented first based on what is in season.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hurrah! Hopefully, it’ll prove to be a very useful addition to iOS devices and, for the sake of sales, to Apple TV especially!

Now, where is the Apple TV’s Amazon Prime Video app?

Blessedly, our beloved interns have already accomplished their most important job. TGIF! Prost, everyone!

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      1. This is ALL on Apple Ass wipe.. Amazon would have it out a long time ago, Apple dragging its feet as usual anymore.. Having said that I don’t know why anyone needs it?????? Netflix has an app… Do on the web and access Amazon Prime Video. Apple TV will NEVER be useful until it offers a package and includes sports.

  1. Not enough hours in the day. My focus is on creating and consuming art and music, sports and Pokeman don’t fit or interest me. Now, live music would be intriguing- live concerts streamed so you can watch and listen at home without dealing with the distracting crowd…. Sure, I’d pay for a “ticket.”

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