Apple releases fourth betas of iOS 11.1 and watchOS 4.1 to developers

“Ahead of a public beta launch, Apple has released new developer betas for iOS 11.1 and watch OS 4.1,” Mark Wycislik-Wilson reports for BetaNews.

“Both are really bug-fixing releases, but iOS does see the return of a feature from an earlier beta,” Wycislik-Wilson reports. “The fourth beta of iOS 11.1 includes the 3D Touch multitasking app switcher. This feature was added in the second beta, but disappeared from the third.”

“If you are registered as a developer,” Wycislik-Wilson reports, “you can grab the new beta version of iOS by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iOS 10.0 was released on September 13, 2016. iOS 10.1 was released on October 24, 2016. Apple released iOS 11 on September 19, 2017. If the company holds true to recent form, we should see the public release of iOS 11.1 on or before Halloween.


  1. So where’s macOS 10.13.1? Where’s the really finished version of the APFS file format? The one that supports Fusion drives? Those internal drives you sold in Macs for years? Those speedy replacements for slow old hard drives?

  2. Where’s multi-speaker AirPlay 2, where’s that firmware upgrade so I can stream to multiple AirPort Expresses?

    Where for art thou ???

    I want, I want, I want !!!

  3. Libtards and conservatives finally agree on something:

    Kurt Schlichter Retweeted

    Jake Tapper Verified account @jaketapper
    “I’m assuming someone has told @Apple that the latest iOS update is terrible”

    Brit Hume Retweeted Jake Tapper
    “It certainly is.” Brit Hume added.

    1. You’d be better off dropping the yawn term ‘libtard.’ People might retaliate with the malaprop coinage ‘conswervative’, replacing ‘rino’ as a term of disparagement for conservative politicians recalibrating their principles to cover their asses. ‘Conswervative’ is also embarrassingly reminiscent of Mel Blanc/Warner Brothers cartoon characters, always spitting in your face with their speech impediments, who were never politically correct to begin with, and decidedly not left, right, center, or anything but jaw-achingly funny.. except to fussy hens without humour.

      1. I learned years ago (the 2008 election) that there’s a really easy to identify people like botvinnik as someone with whom it’s not worthwhile to even engage.

        Without exception, those who use terms like “libtard” or “neocon,” or snarky nicknames like “NObama” and John “McLame” are hopelessly biased, closed to any information that doesn’t fit their existing worldview, and essentially are people you should simply ignore.

        I appreciate when they use terms like that…saves me from wasting time engaging with them, which is about as useful or productive as arguing with a Windows PC.

        See how I brought that back to something Apple-related? 🙂

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