Apple tells U.S. Senate Democrat Al Franken they trained iPhone X’s Face ID system to not be racist, ageist, or sexist

“Shortly after Apple introduced iPhone X with Face ID biometric security in September, U.S. Senator Al Franken challenged CEO Tim Cook to address the technology’s potential impact on consumer privacy,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider. “Apple has since responded in a letter detailing the system’s built-in security features. ”

“Beyond consumer privacy, Franken questioned Apple over steps taken to protect against racial, gender and age bias,” Campbell reports. “In its response, penned by VP for Public Policy Cynthia Hogan, Apple explained Face ID confirms the presence of an attentive face (via gaze detection), projects and reads a depth map of a user’s face and sends that information to the Secure Enclave for processing. Face ID data, which includes a mathematical representation of a user’s face, is encrypted and never leaves the device. ”

Apple’s response:
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Franken on Monday issued a statement regarding Apple’s response:

grandstandI appreciate Apple’s willingness to engage with my office on these issues, and I’m glad to see the steps that the company has taken to address consumer privacy and security concerns. I plan to follow up with Apple to find out more about how it plans to protect the data of customers who decide to use the latest generation of iPhone’s facial recognition technology. As the top Democrat on the Privacy Subcommittee, I strongly believe that all Americans have a fundamental right to privacy. All the time, we learn about and actually experience new technologies and innovations that, just a few years back, were difficult to even imagine. While these developments are often great for families, businesses, and our economy, they also raise important questions about how we protect what I believe are among the most pressing issues facing consumers: privacy and security.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, based on an ever-accumulating history (see articles below), Franken seems to strive to attach his name to Apple Inc.

Wonder why?

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  1. Franken started his career creating comedy farce on Second City TV. Now he IS a farce as a second rate senator. It’s really funny! And somehow tragic at the same time! What’s up Minnesota? What are you thinking?

    PS. Is douchebag one word, or two?

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