Inside Apple’s iPhone X compromise

“According to The Korea Herald, Apple is working on a brand-new iPhone that has support for a digital pen. The new phone, the publication says, could start shipping to customers as soon as 2019 — or about two iPhone generations from now,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “While this news is neat, the most interesting tidbit came near the end of the report. One of the sources said that Apple will need to significantly improve the performance of its mobile processor technology to support a digital pen. The source also added that Apple ‘had to compromise on some touch performance of the latest iPhone X largely due to the less advanced chipset.'”

“Since the Apple A10X successfully powers the iPad Pro can clearly handle pen input at an extremely fast rate, we know that A10X-level performance is good enough to handle high-speed touch input,” Eassa writes. “Here’s what I think the source cited is really talking about.”

“Apple reportedly tested a high-refresh rate display on the iPhone X (Apple calls such displays ProMotion displays) but ultimately chose not to ship the device with such a display. Instead, the iPhone X shipped with a display that could only refresh its contents at 60Hz — half that of the current iPad Pros,” Eassa writes. “Since a faster refresh rate would dramatically improve the smoothness of the user experience, and since a faster display refresh rate would require that touch input be faster to keep up, I think this is [the issue to which The Korea Herald‘s source is referring.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring it on!

As we wrote last week: Of course, this is very much in the rumor realm, but times have changed much since Steve Jobs eschewed the stylus for iPhone.

The iPhone had only a 3.5-inch display when Jobs made those remarks. iPhone 6s/7/8 Plus units have a 5.5-inch display. iPhone X has a 5.8-inch display.

When trying to markup a screenshot or jotting down notes on an iPhone, for example, a finger barely works and never works well. Even rudimentary third-party iPhone styluses work far better for such purposes. Apple Pencil support in these cases would allow for an even better user experience.

Apple considering bringing Apple Pencil support to iPhone – October 13, 2017


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