Apple Watch cries out for a camera

“With the introduction of cellular connectivity in Apple Watch Series 3, it’s now more convenient than ever to leave your phone at home for quick trips and during workouts without consequence – for the most part. When you want to snap that quick photo or have a FaceTime video call, the Watch still won’t cut it,” Michael Steeber writes for 9to5Mac. “This is the one of the largest remaining friction points in a truly independent Apple Watch experience.”

“Apple has been exploring the idea of a camera on your wrist for years. As early as June 2016, the company applied for a patent covering an image sensor in the Apple Watch. Since day 1, watchOS has shipped with an iPhone camera remote app, allowing control of your iPhone’s shutter within Bluetooth range,” Steeber writes. “Third parties have made attempts as well, such as CMRA, an Apple Watch band with a camera built in. So far, none of these implementations have made for an entirely seamless or elegant solution.”

“It’s hard to talk about a wrist-mounted camera without drawing comparisons to Dick Tracy, as video calling is probably the most obvious use for an Apple Watch camera,” Steeber writes. “Brief FaceTime video calls not only make for an impressive technology demo, but thanks to an LTE connection and the hands-free nature of the Apple Watch, it may prove even more convenient a device than an iPhone to make video calls on.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Since Apple Watch Series 2 gave us GPS and freed us from having to schlep along our iPhones on runs, we can’t count the times we’ve wished we had a camera on our Apple Watches. Look at that sunset! Look at that ocean! Look at that three-legged one-eyed dog!

Things like that, not so much the Dick Tracy FaceTime stuff (but that would be cool, too), are why we’re so interested in things like the CMRA Dual-Camera Band for Apple Watch.

Well, Series 2 gave us GPS. Series 3 gave us LTE. Maybe Series 4 will finally add a camera or – dare we dream? – cameras, possibly via an Apple Smartband?

Hello, Dick Tracy! CMRA band delivers two HD cameras to Apple Watch – November 2, 2016


  1. If you want to take a pic of the sunset on a run get an iPhone holder to strap on your arm. Will be close for fitting earphones, etc.

    In a lot of government offices you have to leave a camera equipped phone in your car – discovered that the first time I went to a VA office.

    Far more important for growing the watch market is to complete their R&D in the Health environment. PulseOx, Glucose levels, BP, EKG connected. Far more opportunities than the watch based camera.

  2. This will never happen. Face time on a watch? I use every now and then on my laptop. The only times I use face time on my iPhone are the (awkward) few seconds when I accidentally butt-dial someone. Imagine the accidental face time which could happen with a watch, say at the urinal?

  3. People don’t want much do they its not long ago that the whole idea of a watch of this nature seemed like science fiction now we want a usable camera in it too. It will come but let it come when it is practical rather than a gimmick. Even then I do agree it does feel a little creepy though probably less so than the glasses where you are conscious of the fact any time they are looking at you they could be recording you.

  4. No! I absolutely do NOT want a camera on my Apple Watch. There are already enough privacy concerns out there. We don’t need a camera on a device that’s never hidden away in a pocket during private situations. Come on, what if you forget to hit the swim button when you wear it into the shower and end up accidentally live streaming nudes and embarrassing singing to your entire social circle.

  5. The only reason it could be useful is for FaceTime when you don’t have your phone but even then the screen is so small might as well just use voice. The last thing I want is to try and take photos from my wrist. Do we really need to take selfies that bad??

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