New video and photos of Apple’s iPhone X in the wild surface online

“We’re still a few weeks removed from iPhone X pre-orders opening up, but spy shots of Apple’s upcoming iPhone have already started to trickle in,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR.

“Just last week, for instance, a photo purporting to show the iPhone X’s packaging surfaced online,” Heisler writes. “More recently, a video making the rounds on Reddit showcases the iPhone X with some dynamic wallpaper.”

Heisler writes, “The video is just 10 seconds long, but seeing as how all of the iPhone X videos we’ve seen have come from Apple, it’s interesting to see something fresh.”

Another iPhone X in the wild from apple

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MacDailyNews Take: Looking good!

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    1. It tells you which way is up. In an alternate universe you are holding the iPhone upside down and the face readers are all under your palm. You’re cursing your phone for not unlocking and realizing for the 20th time today that you can’t tell up from down on this new phone.

      If only there were an obvious physical way to tell up from down on the screen just by looking at it…

    1. It is not that much bigger than an iPhone 8. Yet has a screen bigger than an iPhone 8 Plus.

      We are getting 3 so far. Maybe 4. Already ordered screen protectors for it.

    1. You may believe that, but I happen to believe that the bunny ears clearly do fit in with Dieter Rams’ Ten principles for good design.

      Most notably that “imaginative design always develops in tandem with improving technology” and “good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could detract from it”.

      The bunny ears are there because the technology can’t currently site the optical and other sensors elsewhere, so the space to the sides of those sensors either has to be filled with blank space, or with something useful ( extra pixels ). I would argue that having the extra pixels is the choice best fitting Dieter Rams’ design principles.

  1. IPhone has invented a lot of revolutionary innovations. For example in 200& iPhone invented the first touch screen pda with cellular capabilities. But iPhone has gradually been reducing their innovations. Rumor is that they were working on building a keyboard into the new phone but couldn’t get over some technical challenges. Sad!

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