Why Google Maps is better than Apple Maps

“I’ve been using Google Maps for years, since before Apple released its own map apps. When Apple Maps was first released, I found it very hard to read; there wasn’t enough contrast between roads and backgrounds, and texts were tiny,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “That’s improved a bit since the initial release, but not much.”

“Every now and then I try out Apple Maps, when looking for a certain location or a specific type of business. I tried again recently, to see if Apple had improved things with the releases of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra,” McElhearn writes. “Here’s an example. There are three pubs near me… Google Maps knows about all three pubs; Apple Maps only knows about one (and not the best one, at least for food).”

“This is what I find for anything I search. Look for restaurants, gas stations, any type of business, and you won’t find as many locations in Apple Maps as in Google Maps,” McElhearn writes. “Some people in the US have told me that it is very complete over there, but others here in the UK have confirmed that they have similar problems.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s all about the dataset. In the UK, Googles is clearly more complete.


  1. Totally sucks anywhere outside USA. Or at least in Australia (home),NZ, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore.. I love the look of Apple Maps but Google maps is far superior in most locations I have visited.

    1. “I love the look of Apple Maps but Google maps is far superior in most locations I have visited.”

      I have Apple maps and Google maps side by side on my present location and the same level of zoom.

      Some takeaways:

      AM light beige background does not make the roads stand out like GM.

      GM has about twice the number of street names in much larger legible type.

      GM has more business locations in the same zoom view.

      As I zoom out both apps do a terrible job of legible secondary roads.

      As to your second point I could not agree more. The sheer number of locations and accuracy based on your GPS is no contest.

      And something none of the Apple fanboys dare to mention: Google maps STREET VIEW.

      Try this: In Google maps search for Ugly Oyster Drafthaus in Reading, PA.

      Enable street view, navigate around and point at the front door. On your iPhone clicking the forward arrow you can walk into this fine Irish establishment and waltz around the bar and restaurant.

      Simply, AWESOME! …

      1. Yes, Google Maps Street View is ideal for vicariously experiencing the ambience of the Irish Pub which I smile at, yet it has also proved useful to stalkers. Perhaps that is why Apple are leery of implementing a similar system, given their commitment to user privacy.

        1. That would be a dumb, overly cautious mistake I expect ONLY from a liberal snowflake.

          Statistics have consistently shown that the majority of robberies and rapes are committed by people in the same block
          or neighborhood that either know you or your movements.

          Street view is nothing more than a computer view frozen in time made years ago, subject to change and carries no personal information as to the front facing facades.

          Much like driving down the street or strolling by outside just made easier on our gadgets. No difference except the street view has been known to be inaccurate at times to new construction, knocking down neighborhoods for a new mall, business closings — et al.

          BTW the inside of the Irish bar UOD is authentic imported piece by piece from Ireland … 🍻

  2. Apple Maps is “too zoomed in” I want to be pulled back a bit more, Sometimes I only see the first turn when Google maps sees the second turn in the same place. Who the heck wants only seeing 1 block in front when you are going 50 miles an hour.

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