Why Google Maps is better than Apple Maps

“I’ve been using Google Maps for years, since before Apple released its own map apps. When Apple Maps was first released, I found it very hard to read; there wasn’t enough contrast between roads and backgrounds, and texts were tiny,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “That’s improved a bit since the initial release, but not much.”

“Every now and then I try out Apple Maps, when looking for a certain location or a specific type of business. I tried again recently, to see if Apple had improved things with the releases of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra,” McElhearn writes. “Here’s an example. There are three pubs near me… Google Maps knows about all three pubs; Apple Maps only knows about one (and not the best one, at least for food).”

“This is what I find for anything I search. Look for restaurants, gas stations, any type of business, and you won’t find as many locations in Apple Maps as in Google Maps,” McElhearn writes. “Some people in the US have told me that it is very complete over there, but others here in the UK have confirmed that they have similar problems.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s all about the dataset. In the UK, Googles is clearly more complete.


  1. Unfortunately up here in Canada, at least the city I live in Apple maps is not that great. There are a few new streets around my area and Goog maps has them where’s they don’t show up in Apple maps. I would rather use Apple maps but the delay in new routes sucks.

  2. Apple Maps is my go to, but I often compare with Waze(Amazing amount of bugs, in Canada at least) and google Maps.
    I find Apple Maps easier to read, and it generally gives the best directions. I like that with Google you cant plan your own itinerary(for scenic routes etc).

  3. Google maps has NEVER been accurate for me! I’ve gotten lost, missed many basketball games, and turn by turn navigation has been wrong numerous times!
    Apple maps, despite the bad rep people give it, has always been accurate for me. I’ve never had a problem with it.
    Apple maps, for me, has usually updated to reflect any changes in the road within a month or two, such as a new round-about. Google maps took 2 years!

  4. It’s impossible to make a blanket statement over which of either of these map apps is better. It’s like cell phone carriers, the quality is dependent on your location and use profile. Use whichever you like. But don’t tell me yours is better simply because it shows the Pub you happen to favor.

  5. again load of shite article – I was able to use apple maps and find the pubs (all 3 just like google) he talked about in a sec – worked and looks much better than google maps.

  6. Apple Maps still sucks in much of the USA as they buy apparently weak assed data from Tom Tom that seemingly just mails it in.
    There is a bridge on US 79 over the White River that has been open for over a year and has an approach running through a FWS Sanctuary that only appeared on Apple Maps recently, and still not correctly. It still shows the old bridge- closed and scheduled for demolition- as the primary route and open. This despite repeated reports form numerous people.

    If Apple paid attention to their GPS data they would have seen a constant stream of cars and trucks driving through what they marked as a roadless area at highway speeds. Apparently Apple is just mailing it in as well.

  7. Is there some reason people are afraid to try the other half dozen mapping apps?

    WeGo Here


    None of these are creepy as Google and all have some advantages over Apple Maps.

    Perhaps it’s an American thing assuming that everything must be bipolar.

  8. I predominately use Apple Maps. Mostly for aesthetic reasons. It just seems easy to read.

    Google I avoid as much as possible simply because… well, Google.

    From my experience with using both in two widely separated areas of the U.S., they both have inaccurate/out-of-date issues at the strict map view and the satellite image view.

    I’ve tried other map apps, but have found them to have issues. Buggy, hard to use due to obtuse interface iconography, take too long to map routes, etc.

    Google has one thing I really, really like… street view. I use Apple Maps to find out where I’m going to, then use Google street view to see what I looking for will look like when I get there.

    The one feature I really, really want is multi-point routing. This would be very helpful on regular in-town shopping trips and especially so on out of town trips, vacations, etc. One of the other map apps has it, but it was impossible to get it to work.

  9. I understand the knock against Google playing Big Bother and tracking you. Guess what, nothing to hide and I don’t give a rat’s arse.

    To compare I use both map apps everytime when on the road. Consistently Google has more information and easier to read app, sorry Apple …

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