Adobe introduces Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2018

“Adobe today announced a new release of its Elements family of software packed with new tools that will enhance existing photo and video workflows and make previously complex editing features more accessible,” Michael Steeber writes for 9to5Mac. “Elements has always offered easier photo and video organization, editing, and sharing than its pro-level counterparts, but for the 2018 release, Adobe has streamlined the applications and built the software around a more modern digital lifestyle.”

“Most individuals shoot all of their photos and videos with smartphones, and Adobe realizes this. The convenience of having a camera with you at all times has made it easy to be inundated with content. Without conscious effort, photos and videos get lost in the shuffle, never to be viewed again,” Steeber writes. “It’s more important than ever before to be able to quickly make creations from your media and share them with friends and family who care. New in Elements Organizer 2018 are tools specifically designed around this goal.”

Photoshop and Premiere Elements are available for $99.99 each or $79.99 as upgrades from the previous version,” Steeber writes. “You can purchase both as a bundle deal for $149.99 or $119.99 as an upgrade.”

More info, screenshots, and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Candid Moments,” which automatically extracts great still frames from your raw video footage, sounds like a very useful feature.


    1. Pixelmator will continue to get even better and Photoshop elements will continue to get even more expensive.

      Charging $100 for upgrading a $150 package sounds very steep to me, especially when you bear in mind that Pixelmatot doesn’t charge for upgrades.

    1. Oh no, they say it “works for them” (but no one else). What about the hobbyist or retired user who wants to use the best tools but doesn’t have $49 a month to splurge. What about the video professional who only needs Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects? No breakout special $29.95 deal for them which is a glaring hole in your offerings?

      Adobe pretends every user is one who makes beaucoup bucks with their products, so easily can afford the monthly stipend. But you keep paying even in between paying or personal projects when you have no income to support it because cancelling and reinstating are a pain nor desirable.

      Someday Adobe you will be the gleeful revenge-laden recipient of “what works for us” which won’t work well for you.

      1. I really need to start learning FCPX & Motion. I did like Premiere Pro quite a lot and it being more compatible with others in my group (on Mac & PC) and there is no monthly Apple Tax on those – just money still in my pocket.

        On the contrary Apple offerings are an amazing bargain but seem a bit unfocused in terms of being touted or realized as a real pro solution by Apple who has no Photoshop equivalent. Just wished they had finished “Phenomenon” or improving Shake. Logic Pro X is another I should probably get acquainted with. To do so saves $600 a year!

  1. I had enough of Adobe already years ago when they bought Freehand for the sole purpose of killing it in favor of their POS Illustrator. They only rent their software … to others, but never ever me. Go Pixelmator.

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