Apple to release macOS High Sierra today – are you ready?

Today “we will see the availability of the latest macOS High Sierra,” writes. “We all like upgrades, are there any things we should know first? (Slight hint-yes.)”

“Check your Time Machine backup is still working as it can be paused with a full backup disk,” writes. “Or alternatively do a clone of your hard drive with Carbon copy Cloner or Chronosync.”

“Do you have a Fusion Drive on your Mac? Not applicable with SSD MacBook Pros or MacBooks, but if you are running an iMac then you might be in for more pain as the Beta versions did not support Fusion Drives with the new APFS (filesystem). HDD? forget it!” writes. “Details on how to handle High Sierra with a Fusion Drive (from the Beta Test notes).”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The big day is upon us, so get ready by backing up first fro you install The World’s Most Advanced Operating System!

On most of our Macs, we’re going to be doing ground-up clean installs of this time around (backing up, completely erasing drives, installing the OS and then restoring our apps, files, and settings manually) since it’s been awhile since we last started fresh and have done only simple Mac upgrades the last couple of years.

(It’s less nerve-racking when you have multiple Macs that are similarly set up as you have working examples of exactly what you need, UI setups, Keychain copies, etc. right there for reference. It’s just more time-consuming, but the performance gains from removing built-up cruft is usually well worth it. With one Mac, you can accomplish the same by taking some screenshots and backing up and before you erase and begin to rebuild your Mac from scratch.)

Preparing your Fusion Drive Mac for the macOS High Sierra install – September 18, 2017


  1. I really don’t like “complete installs”.

    Also, I was in an Apple store and they said “APFS DOES NOT SUPPORT FUSION OR PLAIN HARD DISK DRIVES” at this time.

    That’s bad for my 2012 iMac.

    I need to wait about a week to see how Parallels works with High Sierra. I figure if something goes bad wrong we’ll know in a week. I have one key program that needs Win 7. I’m not worried about running that but will my printers, usb drives and network shares all work. Probably but this update requires caution.

    My previous macOS updates all happened without a hitch.

  2. SSD only?
    Hopefully they get HDDs added down the road. Not all companies have upgraded to the latest Macs with SSD’s.

    We usually wait until the 3rd bug patch anyway for production Macs. So 10.12.3

      1. I just recently got a new iMac and went for the top 27″ model and opted for a 512GB SSD instead of the Fusion. This made more sense to me in order to get fast performance with the option for external storage via Thunderbolt or USB3 connection.

        And possibly once the warranty is over and prices come down I’ll upgrade the internal SSD, since OWC and others show how it’s fairly easy to do.

  3. I have never done a complete new install. What’s the best way to restore all the apps and files (i.e. photos movies music etc). I use this time machine and carbon clone as backups.

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