USA Today reviews Apple TV 4K: ‘Spiffy catch-up to Amazon and Roku devices’

“The newest Apple TV devices, out Friday starting at $179, deliver 4K video for the first time,” Mike Snider writes for USA Today. “When it comes to 4K, Apple is playing catch-up, as competitors such as Amazon and Roku have had 4K-compatible devices in the market for nearly two years now.”

“However, Apple is notable for the panache its products deliver and Apple devotees who have already embraced 4K — or plan to do so soon — will certainly want to give the new Apple TV a look,” Snider writes. “Apple TV already had an elegant user interface. Now it’s even spiffier with a higher-res sheen. ”

“Within Apple’s iTunes Movie store there’s a growing selection of 4K movies available now, and some in high dynamic range (HDR) with improved contrast and a wider range of richer colors,” Snider writes. “Apple TV lets you stream 4K from apps that deliver high-quality video such as Netflix — its 4K series include Stranger Things and House of Cards — with content from Amazon Prime Video (Transparent, The Man in the High Castle) coming soon.”

Apple TV 4K
Apple TV 4K

Snider writes, “For those who already have a 4K TV, are a regular in Apple’s iTunes store and do plenty of binge-viewing of streamed content, the new Apple TV 4K is a worthwhile upgrade that makes plenty of sense.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our Apple TV 4K Units are set to arrive tomorrow. Bring on the Amazon Prime Video app and the second season of The Grand Tour!


  1. I bought a Roku 4K device to replace an Apple TV in one of my rooms and the box itself and display was adequate but the damn remote drains batteries in the wink of an eye!

    How could something so basic (auto power shut-off in a remote) be so badly done? A remote that should last months can be exhausted in a few days, even with the headphone volume thing turned all the way down. Who would ever think something like this could be so totally botched?

    Taught me a lesson about buying a competitor’s product. Never again.

    1. Have you ever considered using your iPhone or Apple Watch (should you have one) as the remote? iPhone – I think – is actually a better remote, and I never lose it. As for the actually remote – take it back. It lasts months around here before needing another charge, and we use it every day…

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