Android malware apps with over 1 million downloads slip past Google Play defenses – twice!

“Researchers recently found at least 50 apps in the official Google Play market that made charges for fee-based services without the knowledge or permission of users,” Dan Goodin reports for Ars Technica. “The apps were downloaded as many as 4.2 million times. Google quickly removed the apps after the researchers reported them, but within days, apps from the same malicious family were back and infected more than 5,000 devices.”

“The apps, all from a family of malware that security firm Check Point calls ExpensiveWall, surreptitiously uploaded phone numbers, locations, and unique hardware identifiers to attacker-controlled servers,” Goodin reports. “The apps then used the phone numbers to sign up unwitting users to premium services and to send fraudulent premium text messages, a move that caused users to be billed. Check Point researchers didn’t know how much revenue was generated by the apps. Google Play showed the apps had from 1 million to 4.2 million downloads.”

“Even after Google removed the apps from Play, many phones will remain infected until users explicitly uninstall the malicious titles, Check Point researchers told Ars,” Goodin reports. “Google has long said that a security feature known as Play Protect, previously called Verify Apps, will automatically remove malicious apps from affected phones. Many phones, however, are never disinfected, either because users have turned off the default feature or are using an old version of Android that doesn’t support it, Check Point researchers told Ars.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Defenses.” We use that term very loosely when referring to Google’s efforts to safeguard their hapless settlers.

Carrying an Android phone is the same as wearing this:

I'm with stupid

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “anaknipedro” for the heads up.]


      1. You have trouble with facts. One can indeed set up such a store without additional impediment. You need no company’s permission to do it.

        If I were to wear that shirt the arrow can just as well apply to “I’m” and if I were standing next to you, “with stupid” will apply.

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