Apple leads maple bond surge to decade high

“Apple Inc.’s surprise foray into Canadian-dollar debt has pushed corporate issuance to a near-record with more companies expected to beat a path north in search of attractive borrowing rates,” Allison McNeely reports for Bloomberg.

“Foreign companies issuing in loonies have sold about C$15.2 billion ($12.2 billion) worth of debt this year — the busiest year for Maple bonds since 2007,” McNeely reports. “That’s helped drive sales in the Canadian market to about C$70.3 billion this year, just shy of the C$71.4 billion record set in 2013 for the same period, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

McNeely reports, “Cupertino, California-based Apple was able to sell C$2.5 billion of seven-year debt this month at a spread of 10 to 15 basis points tighter than in U.S. dollars on a swapped-equivalent basis, Liam O’Sullivan, a portfolio manager for RP Investment Advisors, which has C$4.3 billion in assets, said by phone from Toronto. ‘I think that’s a green light to any large, sophisticated U.S. issuers that want to diversify their funding program,’ he said. ‘I think they will look at the Apple transaction and think maybe this Canadian market is worth looking at.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on U.S. corporate tax reform and the repatriation holiday!

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      1. Though GDP numbers are welcomed, how is one to interpret Bloomberg’s article today and others recently proceeding, “predicting” a looming bear market? Obviously, AAPL has the cash to endure negative forces and the P/E implies stability, but a material downturn affects all. Harvey’s all-time record cost, just below 1.0% of GDP, negates today’s GDP news and recovery of one of the nation’s healthiest economic states, could/will be extended.

  1. A big fat NO to a repatriation holiday. Giving it a limited time holiday implies that there’s something inherently wrong or unfair about it. But US taxation of overseas profits is just plain bad policy. It encourages companies to keep and invest their profits overseas in new factories, research facilities and jobs instead of the US. For this very reason no other developed nation has adopted this tax policy because it’s self defeating and stupid.

    Double taxation on overseas profits should be permanently eliminated.

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