Bring an iPhone to Virgin Mobile USA, Get 12 months of unlimited wireless for just $1

Virgin Mobile USA announced today that when you bring your existing iPhone and transfer your phone number to the “Inner Circle” plan, you will enjoy 12 months of unlimited talk, text and high-speed data for just $1 on Virgin Mobile’s nationwide network.

“At Virgin Mobile, we don’t like playing by the rules, even our own,” said Dow Draper, CEO of Virgin Mobile USA, in a statement. “Consumers know that the Inner Circle is the real deal, but many love their current phones or don’t want to upgrade yet. So, now for a short period of time, you can bring your own iPhone to Virgin Mobile and enjoy everything the Inner Circle offers — including the savings — $1 for 12 months of service. It’s also a great way to try out the Virgin Mobile network with your own iPhone.”

The Inner Circle offers an exceptional value on Virgin Mobile’s awesome nationwide 4G LTE network that is faster, more reliable than ever and reaches more than 290 million people. It also features the world’s most popular phone, plus exclusive perks from the Virgin family.

Compared to the two-year service or device contract arrangements forced on consumers by other mobile carriers, members of the Inner Circle would pay only $601 for two years of unlimited talk, text and high-speed data compared to $1,440, $1,680 or even $1,800 with other carriers. For some consumers, that’s a savings of nearly $1,200 over two years when you take advantage of the Inner Circle by Virgin Mobile.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to get an incredible deal on wireless for a limited time,” added Draper. “Whether you bring your existing iPhone to Virgin Mobile or buy a new one, you’ll experience world-class service on our nationwide network. And it’s simple to join the Inner Circle because we eliminated the craziness of credit checks and contracts that our larger competitors require, so there’s no need to worry about long-term obligations or hidden charges.”

The Inner Circle will now support most of the iPhone 5s and higher models. To confirm an iPhone’s eligibility and order a Virgin Mobile Inner Circle SIM2 Card Kit, visit Once an iPhone is verified as compatible with our nationwide network, the SIM card will be shipped with simple instructions to install and activate it. For a limited time, SIM cards can be ordered for free, however, after Friday, Sept. 29, a Virgin Mobile Inner Circle SIM Card Kit will cost $25.

After the initial offer of service for 12 months for $1, Inner Circle members will transition to one of the mobile industry’s best values: $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and high-speed data on a 4G LTE national network.

Additionally, each time an Inner Circle member upgrades to a new iPhone, they will receive an additional six months of service for only $1. Also, people can purchase a new iPhone and enjoy the same offer of 12 months of unlimited wireless service for only $1.

Source: Virgin Mobile USA

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, isn’t competition among carriers grand?!

Virgin Mobile USA’s coverage map is here.

Virgin Mobile USA becomes first Apple iPhone-only carrier; launches game-changing offer – June 23, 2017


  1. How is Virgin’s network coverage?

    I had T-Mobile some years back and that was the problem and the reason I left. But if Virgin has coverage like Verizon for $1 then it’s pretty easy to decide.

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              Get off your high horse.

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  2. I do not have any recent experience with the Sprint network. Sprint was the first provider that my wire and I had back in the mid-1990s. We stayed with Sprint for a few years, but switched to Cingular because of poor coverage. There were dead zones within our home, and coverage was spotty outside of cities. When coverage was available, however, the connection was generally excellent.

    I am on T-mobile now because of cost. Their family plan is a relative bargain, although still far more than I would like to pay. Coverage is pretty good overall, but gets spotty when traveling along interstates and such away from cities and towns. Perhaps it is time to consider switching?

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