Apple’s “iMessage is where a lot of mobile usage is trending towards, particularly for Gen-Z, and there are many good reasons why,” Giuseppe Stuto writes for Medium. “Teens here in the US have made it very clear — today, they prefer iPhones. For the purposes of this entire article, US teens will be defined as individuals 10–19 years of age.”

“We have approximated over the past year that 75% of US teens use iPhones. In terms of why this may be the case, there are several factors to consider: design, iTunes, network effects, and of course what we believe to be the most important one, iMessage,” Stuto writes. “After first hand observing how teens use iMessage over the past few years it is clear that they treat it as much more than a basic text message delivery service. It’s the center of their mobile social life, whether they themselves realize that or not.”

“With the advent of critical technical advancements such as iOS 11, coupled with the aforementioned clear trend in both the popularity and usage surrounding iMessage, its important for people to recognize that this is a real movement,” Stuto writes. “Young millennials and Gen-Z here in the US are flocking to iPhones (iMessage) by the millions — all of the fam that matters to them are now on it or will be on it. Mix the network effect of such an active demographic with the enhanced functionality iMessage will support over the next several years and you have a next generation, immersive messaging experience.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Which is why Apple has seemingly decided not to bring Messages to Android.

75 percent of teens say their next phone will be an iPhone – April 13, 2016

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