You WILL get microchipped – eventually

“You will get chipped. It’s just a matter of time,” Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today. In the aftermath of a Wisconsin firm embedding microchips in employees last week to ditch company badges and corporate logons, the Internet has entered into full-throated debate. Religious activists are so appalled, they’ve been penning nasty 1-star reviews of the company, Three Square Market, on Google, Glassdoor and social media. On the flip side, seemingly everyone else wants to know: Is this what real life is going to be like soon at work? Will I be chipped?”

“‘It will happen to everybody,’ says Noelle Chesley, 49, associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. ‘But not this year, and not in 2018. Maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids,'” Graham reports. “Gene Munster, an investor and analyst at Loup Ventures, is an advocate for augmented reality, virtual reality and other new technologies. He thinks embedded chips in human bodies is 50 years away.”

“In the future, consumers could zip through airport scanners sans passport or drivers license; open doors; start cars; and operate home automation systems. All of it, if the technology pans out, with the simple wave of a hand,” Graham reports. “Analysts believe future chips will track our every move… Experts contend consumers will latch onto chips before companies do. Chesley says corporations are slower to respond to massive change and that there will be an age issue. Younger employees will be more open to it, while older workers will balk.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It will come sooner than Chesley and Munster think.

“Like it or not, it’s the next logical step. At first, it’ll even be optional. Welcome to a Brave New World. We’re surprised it hasn’t come sooner.” — MacDailyNews, July 24, 2017

Wisconsin tech company to start microchipping their workers – July 24, 2017


  1. Much hemming and hawing about very little. Christian Scientists and the like won’t do it. People paranoid about government snooping won’t do it. It will never be mandated. But many will opt in for the enormous benefits it will bring, which oddly, only a few here are even discussing.

    I think it’s possible to come up with a checksum routine on your biometrics that would make it difficult to replicate your implant and be able to use it.

    The free and unfettered access it will bring will be a liberation from long cues, barred doors and endless security checks.

  2. I am an agnostic but was raised in Evangelical Christianity. The mark of the beast that is detailed in Revelation is described as something that without people will be unable to buy sell or trade. It also promises that those who accept the mark will be condemned to eternal damnation. Good luck selling a chip to that crowd.

    1. Good thing we live in a modern rational society where everyone thinks for themselves and makes judgements based upon facts and data, while eschewing myths and fables. 😁

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