How did Apple’s self-inflicted ‘iPhone 8’ leakapalooza happen?

Over the weekend, Apple mistakenly released a HomePod firmware update that contained code that revealed everything from the “iPhone 8” icon confirming the display’s camera/sensor cutout to iPhone 8 code relating to 3D infrared facial recognition, inductive charging, a virtual Home button, and beyond.

How did this happen? Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber has the skinny:

Apple is (or at least was) on the cusp of a widespread deployment of prototype HomePods to employees. Someone prepared an over-the-air software update and because it was intended to be distributed only to Apple employees, the OS was compiled without all the usual flags set to omit code that pertains to unreleased hardware. (Kind of makes sense, insofar as HomePod itself is unreleased hardware.) Building the OS without those flags set may not have been a mistake. But distributing it via a world-readable server was.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:

Or, perhaps, this leak was intentional and Apple is softening the ground (setting expectations) ahead of their special media event? This we doubt, as this leaked code reveals far too many details about Apple’s flagship tenth anniversary iPhone.

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    1. Indeed. What a disappointment to see Darius singing country. Quite a fall from the heyday when he could pack an auditorium with a 54-40 cover.

      Then again Apple is starting to piss me off, not making hardly anything to plug into a Mac. With wires.

  1. All the hubbub is about what the Homepod reveals about the iPhone X’s specs.

    Does it reveal nothing about the iPhone 7s/Plus? Haven’t seen any coverage about this, understandably focus is on the X, but is there actually *nothing* in the leaked code that distinguishes its features from the existing 7 and 7 Plus?

  2. My guess is that  won’t introduce The iPhone Pro in september.
    They will make it a special event at the opening of the Steve Jobs theatre

    To prevent negative responce, they leaked information on the Iphone Pro, so we know its comming.

    Besides, there will be so much to share in september (Besides iP7s/s+;  watch 3,  tv 5 and maybe one more thing) that the introduction of the iPhone Pro would deminiss all these other introductions

    Or someone just got fired.

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