Apple’s ‘Cook Era’ hits new peak; on its way to the stuff of business legend

“Hard as it may be to believe, Apple is just a few weeks away from the sixth anniversary of Tim Cook taking over as CEO of the company,” Mark Rogowski writes for Forbes. “Often criticized as lacking vision or being responsible for some shortcoming in Apple ‘s technology and strategy, the Cook era instead looks to be on its way to the stuff of business legend.”

“During Cook’s tenure, Apple stock has nearly tripled in value and the company’s market cap stands at $819 billion — $170 billion more than second-place Alphabet and about that far from the $1 trillion mark,” Rogowski writes. “But the most impressive thing about Apple’s position under Cook isn’t a particular financial milestone; instead it’s that the company is basically winning in every segment it competes in.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
“Under Cook, Apple has gobbled most of the total profit in the mobile industry… taking a greater than 80% share over the past three years,” Rogowski writes. “The services business at Apple is about the size of Time Warner today. In five years, it could easily be bigger than Disney… The Mac + iPad business is $10.5 billion in the most recent quarter, larger than the $9.3 billion taken in at Facebook… Apple has more than 30 million Watch wearers, perhaps nearing 4% of all iPhone users. That may not sound like much but the Watch averages more than $1 billion per quarter — significantly more around the holidays… Even today, ‘other products’ is a almost the same size as Netflix, $2.7 billion vs. $2.8 for the video streaming giant.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just wait until Apple launches HomePod and Apple Watch Series 3 – Apple’s “Other Products” segment alone is going to dwarf Netflix!

As we wrote yesterday: The next ten years are going to be absolutely amazing for Apple. The company has just started to really get going!

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  1. AAPL is down for 2 days in a row: “Tim Cook has to go! He’s a Social Justice Warrior who doesn’t know how to run Apple! Fire Tim!”

    AAPL is up for 2 days in a row: “Tim Cook is brilliant! Best CEO ever! Way to go Tim we love you!!”

  2. Day after day, Steve Job’s choice of replacement is proving to be one of his best, smartest moves!

    Ignore the naysayers! Congrats to Tim! Congrats to Apple!

    1. Compared to Steve, TC is “just” a bean counter, but you have to admit he’s counting and producing an abundance of beans. 12 months ago, I was very cynical, but in the realm of beans, I think the next 2 qrt’rs are going to be unreal. Obviously the new iPh is the major hook, but include the updated A-Watch, iOS 11, HomePod, Air Buds and CHRISTMAS and there will be an avalanche of beans. On top of that, the iMacs/portables are mostly fresh for picking. The major lacking is the Mac Pro…but the harvest there, though important, is small. Apple’s “ecosystem” that’s often lauded, is maturing and being redefined. I’d have to say this is Tim’s baby and it’s powerful…and more than just beans.

      1. Absolutely correct. Two months ago I bought my first Apple product, the 2017 iPad, since my Apple IIc — and it is terrific and at a price I finally was willing to pay. TC was thinking of folks as myself.

    2. Oh, Bott-wipe – Once again you prove you’re an idiot who has zero insight, zero critical thinking skills, and a less than zero ability to judge the value of people (or lack of value, in the case of your butt buddy).

      BTW- I’m still enjoying the slow motion train wreak of your self-aggrandizing, delusional, lying, moron, lowest-approval-rating-ever, traitor, baby, dictator wannabe, as he produces one failure after another! You’re as delusional as he is if you think he will even last another six months let alone be around to run in the 2020 election! Hahaha!

    3. Botvinnik, You and I agree on almost everything and I don’t necessarily disagree with you on this, but I will say that although there wouldn’t be an Apple without Job’s creativity, there also wouldn’t be much of an Apple without the unbelievable execution that Cook has been able to consistently preside over. Hiccups, for sure, but truly, the world has only one data point when it comes to, year in year out, producing and selling over 200 million $500plus products…..It is harder than it looks. Hopefully Cook is always keeping an eye out for great creative talent, but in my experience great ideas with bad execution die every time, while the opposite, sadly, is not always true. Cheers to you.

        1. Oh, bott-wipe…see this is exactly what I’m talking about. Here we have a CEO who is not only excelling at ethically running the worlds most successful company, but who also has EXEMPLARY principles and uses his high profile position to promote those principles in hopes of making a better world. His strong, positive principles are public and very plain to see, but, living in your ass-backwards, bizzarro bubble, cannot see them! It’s amazing how you state the opposite of reality and call it reality! Red is blue, up is down.

            1. You got it EXACTLY backwards. Academic stupidity PC dogma from liberalism. You are not allowed to think for yourself. And if conservatives try to offer their insights, as we saw with the renegade Berkeley snowflakes, their ears hurt so much they riot and deny free speech to ANYONE that does not preach from the liberal collective.

              This conservative stereotype has been buried since political correctness took hold in universities in the early 1990s. Get a fsckin grip! … 🤔

            2. No George, you have it entirely wrong. The very definition of conservatism is to resist change. Those who resist progress come in several flavors. Some are overwhelmingly self-interested in preserving their turf on an unlevel playing field, preserving their ill gotten wealth, or they are just too lazy to keep up with changing technology.

              The sad thing is that unlike the greatest republicans — Lincoln or Roosevelt — modern conservatives are lost. Some are so blatantly corrupt and unable to understand what change is good.

              This is coming from a small business conservative who is disgusted with the xenophobic dorks who now call themselves republicans, who can’t reform any taxes because they are all in the pockets of large multinational corporations who have screwed Main Street America for the last 50 years.

            3. Yes Sarah, I know the traditional definition of conservatism is to resist change.

              I’m talking about societal shifts and was making an alternative new age argument that liberalism and conservatism standards as applied to politics today has been turned on its head. And that is true in many instances and parts of the country.

              Just look at college students today. Free speech? Open minded? And violently protesting resistance to change at every turn. Hell, the snowflake ears cannot even stand to hear what the other side has to say and smashed windows and property damages ensue in a mindless melee to protect closed minds.

              In other words, the traditional definitions on both sides have evolved and not as neat and tidy as they once were.

              Politicians have been in the pockets of large multinational corporations who have screwed Main Street America, courtesy of K Street Washington swamp, for MORE than 50 years. Nothing new …

      1. Yes, I know.

        Maybe this will help clarify my comment that I now realize can be taken different ways.

        Tim’s worst mistake was favoring inexperienced Jony for visual graphics navigation over Scott the original iPhone architect in concert with Steve.

        In other words, firing or ousting or whatever, Tim’s biggest mistake was letting Scott go.

        Feel better now? … 😉

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