Survey: Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. Windows users intend to switch to a Mac within next 6 months

“Verto Analytics conducted a Smart Poll of current Windows owners (among U.S. adults, ages 18 and above) and asked them if they planned to buy an Apple as their next computer (either laptop or desktop) in the next 6-24 months,” Connie Hwong reports for Verto Analytics. “We also asked current Mac owners about their intentions to switch to a Windows machine within the next 6-24 months.”

“Nearly all (98% or more) current Mac owners intend to stay with Macs as their next computer,” Hwong reports. “However, nearly 21% of current Windows laptop owners and 25% of current Windows desktop owners responded that they intend to switch to a Mac within the next six months.”

“Of those current Windows owners, consumers in the upper income bracket (those with an average income of $150,000 or more) showed the highest likelihood of switching to a Mac: 20% of respondents intended to switch. Lower income groups (those making $20,000 or less annually) also report higher probability of switching to Mac: about 14% of these respondents intended to switch,” Hwong reports. “However, a further drilldown shows that these lower income respondents are also in their teens or twenties, suggesting parental assistance.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And those 2% of current Mac owners who don’t intend to buy a Mac as their next computer are switching to iPad Pros. (smirk)

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. some time ago I argued that Macs were important to Apple (financially they are Apple’s second largest hardware money maker and help diversify the product line) , that if Apple built BEST in CLASS machines in every category: laptop, all-in-one, pro etc. they would get windows users as you can run both Windows and MacOS on a Mac. In Jobs time there were articles in PC magazine etc rating Macs as the fastest and best Windows machines. (And when they get Macs Windows users would also be introduced to the MacOS… ).

    Since WWDC Apple seems to be getting serious again about Macs.

    BTW they need to update the Mini asap as many windows users have monitors and because of this many don’t want an iMac. And Minis have a more entry level price.

  2. The Mac is a superior machine. Parallels virtual machines allow all Windows software to be taken with you. The best platform to run Windows 10 is an iMac with at least 32 GB of Ram. The new file system seals the deal.

  3. This article is illustrates the technological disparity between income levels. To free education and healthcare, we need to add a free Apple computer to everyone who needs, or wants one. “How” is not an important question at this time-let’s just do it. This is America.

    1. lol, i know you’re been sarcastic but some people might take you seriously…

      I live in ultra left North West here, my local city council wanted to give FREE BONG PIPES (paid by taxpayers) to crack smokers. The argument was that it would ‘reduce transmitted mouth diseases’.

      1. Please tell me you’re also being sarcastic. I’m having trouble enough dealing with a local city wanting to have ‘injection sites’ with clean needles AND drugs for those with an addiction. And someone gives a rat’s about ‘mouth diseases’?!

        1. nope it was an actual proposal debated by city council. Due to hue and cry of taxpayers , not implemented.

          there was ANOTHER proposal to provide FREE LIQUOR, shots supervised by medical staff in the shelters as they were drinking mouthwash, hair lotion etc. which was dangerous. i.e the were going to set up FREE BARS in the shelters! This proposal was also dropped as one taxpayer argued “what was to stop the drunk from drinking mouthwash AFTER he drank all the free taxpayer liquor provided ( as the provided liquor was measured by the medical staff not to overly intoxicate them) ?

          We do have free injection sites. And 40 marijuana shops.

          Homeless shelters here have private rooms and laminated wood floor, free wifi and computers, plus of course free meals, barber shops, and room cleaning by staff etc.

          But Recently several hundred fought the accommodations as inadequate.

          City council then spent another 50 million more on ‘low barrier’ housing i.e they are NOW ALLOWED to TAKE DRUGS and ALCOHOL INSIDE which was banned in the old facilities . Special staff who are highly paid (take care of drunks, puke etc) have been hired. If you puke in your room a staff will clean it. City council said they HAD to do this as the homeless refused the ‘bare minimum ‘ Wifi Computer etc old accommodations and the city had a ‘Right to Housing’ agenda.

          1. This is what I call Dire socialism. The consequences are not good. But I’ll skip the opportunity to give that lecture. Instead, a more applicable lecture:

            In my life, I strive for personal responsibility for my choices, actions. However, I’m also a champion of altruism toward those who could be thriving, growing and contributing to the tribe if they were provided with help. The consequences of not helping others can be, in and of themselves, Dire.

            Therefore, for me, it comes down to being sane, practical, objective, empirical and utilitarian. You don’t feed parasites, knowing the results of their survival will be themselves Dire. That applies to anyone from the 0.01% wealthy on down to the lowest untouchable. This has nothing-at-all to do with politics. It’s about what makes sense.

            Feeding alcohol or any other addictive substance to someone addicted makes no sense at all to me. I’ve never heard an argument to the contrary that has convinced me otherwise. If a person has no ambition to better themselves, as in rid themselves of their addiction, they’ve got to take responsibility for that incredibly bad choice. Enabling bad choices is never helping anyone. Instead helping someone to make better choices is far more useful.

            “What do you want? What do you need? How can these things help you grow?” /lecture

            1. I wish the airlines would consider that when selling one way tickets to Hawaii to known homeless. If they are not employable where they are flying from, do they expect to get employment in one of the more expensive places to live in with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country?

            2. It’s a big problem. To alleviate some of it a State bill was passed a couple years ago to provide funds to send back homeless that have relatives on the mainland U.S. that are willing to accept them. This bill would not be necessary if we could prevent the majority of known homeless to fly here in the first place.

              On top of that Hawaii has to foot the lion’s share of the medical/welfare bills for Micronesians due to a Federal level mandate to provide free medical and welfare services to them for nuking their islands. If the Federal government is issuing the mandate I wish they would foot the majority of the costs. State taxes are killer here.

            3. Since city councillors have ‘the right to housing ‘ agenda and promised housing for all other municipalities (towns and even cities 20 times our size) have been GIVING BUS TICKETS to their homeless and sending them to our town. This has been somewhat curtailed when citizens complained to higher levels of government. (I suspect they still do it unofficially).

              Since the city councillors are also adamantly pro ‘recreational drug ‘ like pot smoking use as it’s ‘a personal right’ and have a ‘wink don’t see rule’ for coke, heroin etc.. (one policeman complained he was told to fine cigarette smokers on city sidewalks — we have very advanced ‘anti smoking’ laws — but ignore the heroin addicts shooting up. You see addicts shooting right next to city hall.

              .. this and the ‘right to housing’ agenda and in spite of building several giant shelters and buying motels etc and converting them homeless litter our streets. We also have the highest drug overdose anywhere with over two dozen teenagers overdosing to death–especially now with fentanyl — every year (in a city of 80,000).

              A pot shop opened a few months ago two blocks from my house and I live in the suburbs, every day now when I walked my dog I see clumps of teenagers in the parks smoking pot during school hours.

              From a balance budget and surplus the city now has borrowed tens of millions of dollars. due to their social agendas. Two years ago a study of 150 municipalities on usage of taxpayer monies we came in DEAD LAST as the most wasteful… we also pay some of the highest property taxes around.

              Just a few weeks ago the city announced that due to being overwhelmed dealing with the city centre homeless, drunk etc issues Police say they are NO LONGER RESPONDING to non violent complaints in the suburbs. If you have a graffiti problem, minor theft etc you are asked to fill in an ONLINE COMPLAINT FORM.

              ( I usually go to three fast food places near my home and in EVERY SINGLE one, on 30% of my visits there have been issues with the drug addicts etc. I’ve seen them threaten staff with assault, police have come in to deal with unconscious addicts several times in seats next to me , it’s so common I just keep eating — one time the police asked me to leave, the unconscious dude in front of me was so unresponsive they thought he was dead… YESTERDAY a drug out dude sat down in MY booth and refused to move. He just started eating his burger in front of me. MY nearest Burger King has BLUE DIM BATHROOM lights to stop addicts from shooting up… . )

              This used to be a small laid back town.

              My city downtown recently homeless encampment :

            4. lol, I’m ACTUALLY A SOCIAL LIBERAL…

              I moved here to the ‘free and open north’ 20+ years ago to enjoy the lifestyle — people use to not lock their doors here and fire departments had volunteer firemen etc, — but now even I find it’s gone really off the cliff ….

              (btw. pot today is not the stuff the Beatles use to smoke… due to hybrids they are several hundred percent more potent .. The effects of some types can be close to ‘hard’ drugs )

            5. Gawd, I feel the pain. Then the sine wave moves on, the wheel turns, and the extremism flips to the fringe right instead.

              It reminds me of my friends in Denmark. The country welcomed refugees with open arms and generous welfare. But hate filled members of that certain religious group formed their own clique ghetto, started raping women (No veil! Rape it!), robbing, begging, ad nauseam. It got to the point where the worst of those people were marching in the streets of Copenhagen with signs saying ‘We Will Bury You’ etc. Denmark flipped to a far right mentality, locked out future refugees and are working to throw out the worst of those they have.

              Be kind, but cautious kind. The worst of mankind are anywhere. Keep open the option of removing your kindness from those who outright ABUSE it. Sick and sad human race.

        2. You should look up “harm reduction model” for policies like this. People may abuse that concept, but in general, it’s much more effective than “punish people for being broken” policy models. It all depends on what your goal is:
          1. reduce suffering and despair, or
          2. wallow in your self-righteous delight in increasing the suffering of people who are already broken.

          1. Thank you for your insight! This is new to me. I call #2 the Kick Them When They’re Down syndrome. There’s nothing like actually being down to witness this bizarre, hateful behavior. It reminds me of the scapegoat trick used by totalitarians. Somehow, we need someone to kick in order to feel some modicum of relief from our own broken nature. That’s an illness of our species, IMHO.

            … Looking up “harm reduction model”.

          2. problem is who are to PAY for it all? free booze etc. Like I said the city from balanced is now heavily in debt and my personal property tax had risen 30% (with no house improvements on my part)

            also where is the limit? recently there were a spate of sexual assault incidents in public places (which use to not happen before) and someone (perhaps sarcastically) suggested the City should HIRE PROSTITUTES for perverts AS HARM REDUCTION…. “surely this would save residents from rape….”

      2. I’m not sure why I’m getting the down votes. I’m gonna guess you are mean constituents? Speaking of mean, the word was used wonderfully by Suck Chumor in relation to the mean House health bill. If I was president, the word “nice” would characterize all of my legislation. I wouldn’t care if it’s financially viable or void of personal responsibility. “Mean” needs to go away. By the way I’m all for bongs for everybody, in fact I think there should be hash dens in the downtown areas. Call me, I’d like to help you get these things pushed through your area. Although it’s not good for me to say in public: all for one one for all. Go workers.

  4. Sigh. And again the percentages don’t stack up. The HIGHEST percentage of switchers to Apple is the well off group with 20%, but overall 21% of Windows Laptop users want to switch, and 25% of Windows Desktop users?

    That’s mathematically impossible.

  5. I switched 30yrs ago! I had the first Compaq 386 in NYC in ’86 according to my tech support at work. When I left in ’87, I bought a Mac SE for about $1800. Never looked back.

  6. This won’t happen. Many might switch but 20%? Naw.
    Now they may WANT to switch, but in a year they can do the same survey and 20% will say the same thing…every year.

    However, if Apple grows at 1-2 percent of users per year, I’ll be happy because I know then they will keep the Macs updated.
    No growth = little development.
    Too much growth = bad supply lines and inflated prices.

    PLUS the more switchers there are the more resources are siphoned off to teach them.
    Slow, steady growth is the best policy.

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