Amazon Echo has a problem: Apple’s HomePod has major advantage over rivals

“Amazon has seen huge success with its Alexa-powered Echo but this clever device is getting some serious competition,” David Snelling reports for The Sunday Express. “Google recently announced the launch of its Home speaker, which is now available to buy in the UK, and Apple has just confirmed it’s joining the connected speaker party with a new gadget called the HomePod.”

“Although the HomePod won’t officially be launched until December, has been one of the first to hear what it actually sounds like and our first impressions are good,” Snelling reports. “We listened to four identical tracks on both the Echo and HomePod and there really is no comparison. The HomePod’s curved mesh design is packed with an upward-facing woofer and seven beam-forming tweeters making it sound loud, clear and booming with room-shaking bass.”

Apple's all-new HomePod
Apple’s all-new HomePod

“HomePod also features automatic room-sensing technology which allows it to quickly learn its position in your home and optimise the sound accordingly,” Snelling reports. “We only had a limited time with the HomePod but there’s no question it sounds far superior to the competition.”

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  1. The main purpose of both Google’s and Amazon’s devices are to gather your information and sell it to others.
    Apple goal is to sell you the hardware, your information is your information.

  2. Because this device depends so much on Siri, I have to see that Siri develops a personality to go along with the more human-sounding voice that’s supposed to be in iOS11. It would be nice if Apple could find a way to have her tell jokes, trivia, etc. as does the Echo. I don’t listen to music much so my goal with the device would be to control lights and smart devices, use alarms, set reminders, get reminders and such things as this. I do wonder if I could bluetooth my Apple TV to the HomePod.

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