The 2017 iMac 5K’s Pro 580 GPU versus previous iMac 5K and GeForce GTX 1070

“Here are some initial stress tests of the AMD Radeon Pro 580 GPU in the 2017 iMac 5K,” rob-ART morgan reports for Bare Feats.

“The Radeon Pro 580 in the 2017 iMac 5K is clearly faster than the previous iMac 5K’s optional R9 M395X GPU,” morgan reports. “With the exception of the Motion RAM Preview, the Pro 580 was slower than the GeForce GTX 1070 we were running in the Mac Pro tower. That’s not surprising since the 1070 is rated at 6.5 teraflops and the Pro 580 is rated at 5.5 teraflops.”

morgan reports, “Once we add more memory to the iMac 5K, we will run some serious pro app benchmarks. We will include the 2017 iMac 5K quad-core i7 with 1TB PCIe based flash storage which should arrive in a few more days.”

Apple's 2017 iMac features more powerful graphics, faster processors, Thunderbolt 3 and brighter displays
Apple’s 2017 iMac features more powerful graphics, faster processors, Thunderbolt 3 and brighter displays

See all of the bechhmark results in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s snappy!

Apple’s new iMac is the best all-in-one yet — and the best Mac ever – June 14, 2017


    1. Owner of a “sealed” iMac 2011, i7, 32G RAM, 3TB HD, 256GB SSD, Radeon 6970 2048MB.

      Original cost approx $2500 (2011 dollars)
      Upgraded memory to 32GB.
      6 years without hassle.
      Still runs great…the darn thing won’t break!!!

      I want to get the new iMac but the old one is still great. Runs everything.

      By now I would have gone through 6 Windows PC’s at $1500 a piece with god know how many graphics card upgrades (WITH EACH UPGRADE MAKING IT MORE AND MORE UNSTABLE AND CRASHING CONSTANTLY).

      Yeah, I really want an open window box that I can tinker with…..NOT.

      1. Exactly. I have a 2012 and it doesn’t miss a beat while connected to a 27inch Dell monitor and a 4K monitor..running VMs and many other resource sucking apps. Will be replacing with a 2017..but it’s almost hard to justify.

      2. Have the same iMac as Paul, except having a larger SSD. Still running like a champ. It is pretty darn good for almost all I do excepting complex 3d modeling and rendering. I daily use all the Adobe Creative Suite plus FCPX and Motion, but it is not until I get into the 3D projects that I feel the need for more. And this is on a 6-year old machine.

    2. I purchased one, and my expectations have been blown away. This Mac feels at least 4X faster than the MacPro 2008 it replaces. The screen is incredible and so far in Modo, the 580 GPU is running a lot better than what I was using before (GTX 670 4GB).

  1. The iMac is pretty good machine with very fast CPU but as the Barefeats link showed it got pretty badly trashed in GPU by an upgraded 2010 MP.

    (typing this with a 2010 MP with a 980 Ti and upgraded 6 core Xeons.

    Just yesterday I ordered another 2012 MP with 20 GB RAM for $700. If I upgrade it a 1080 card is about $500 and used dual 6 core Xeons — about the speed of i7 in the 2015 iMac — another $160. So for about $1400 I get a reasonable machine with faster GPU. I use Cintiqs and other monitors so I don’t need the iMac’s.

    Still for those who like all in ones, the new iMacs are good. )

    another reason I got the used MP is that having similar Cheese Graters is advantageous as I can pop drives in and out as they ride on sleds. This together with the fact that monitors are not attached means the systems are more flexible in hardware ‘failure’ situations (I’ve changed monitors several times with my older Cheesers but the CPUs keep going) .

    1. You’ve replaced monitors SEVERAL times???? Typical low quality “eye sore of a design” monitor from the usual vendors I presume.

      I have the same monitor from my 2011 in my iMac and it won’t break even if I want it to.

      1. I do graphics, small colour degradation makes it unusable for me. (others might not notice) .

        Like one $2000 plus Cintiq, the darker tones have ‘merged’, makes it useless for colour correction.
        (“”Typical low quality “eye sore of a design” monitor from the usual vendors I presume.” .. ??? )

        Can still play games on it though if I wanted to !

        I also replace them when better monitors come out.
        Bigger, higher res. Typing this looking at two 27 inch monitors, one a newer Cintiq connected to a heavy duty Ergotron arm (the arm is already a couple of hundred bucks)

        (I’ve been using Tower Macs for near twenty years. Cheese Grater since they had G5 chips. One 2008 upgraded is still going on strong — so yeah I’ve change monitors on it several times — in multicore performance it’s still pretty reasonable vs newer macs with dual core or mobile chips. It’s upgraded GPU card is faster than last years Macbook Pro. ).

        Like I said Mac Pros aren’t for everybody. We have specific uses for them. To me the GPU is more important than a slightly faster CPU as I’m doing graphics driving pixels on big monitors.
        (one reason iPhones have so much better real world performance vs Androids is that iPhones GPU performance is phenomenal ).

        I would have bought a new Mac Pro but I have to wait to next year.

        (I also have a MBP and 12.9 iPad Pro so I do like some other of apple’s newer stuff ).

        1. oh I forgot to say I’ve actually bought a THIRD smaller monitor to add to my two 27 inches, it’s sitting in the box now… (see i need that GPU power…. lol )

          ( for those who are going to flame me for ‘nerd overkill’, I use one monitor for apps, second one for other apps — I might use Photoshop with Lightwave etc, –or reference materials, manuals, instructional videos etc, the new third monitor is in support for emails, client instructions , opened up etc. Not having to flip windows , having references open etc saves tons of time. For example if I’m drawing it might be useful to have reference photos open. )

        2. Not flaming you at all buddy, but what about recalibrating your monitors. No worries, I am sure you have thought about that and feel you still need to replace it. All I am saying is, good luck to ya!

          1. when pixels are ‘burnt’ out (or whatever you call it) calibration makes no difference.
            Make it ‘brighter’ and the bright tones would be washed out etc.

            (don’t do it now but years ago when I was a art director if you worked on something like highway billboards, say ten of them for tens of thousands each, and something is wrong with the colour — say the clients LOGO colour, his beautiful bright green looks OLIVE on the giant billboards — you are F–ked ! LOL ).

            the new monitors are very good though and last forever and high end iMacs have superb monitors. But as I explained some of my Macs are from years ago and in those days monitors aren’t so good and every year the resolution, RGB space (gamut of the screen), angle visibility etc improves. (look at the improvements in the iPhone screen since inception ).

            (please note the BEST screens have a small fraction of REAL WORLD colour gamuts and dynamic range. A sideways example is that when you take a photo in daytime indoors, the view through Windows outside in bright sunlight is often washed out or white blank although your eyeballs can see it, that’s because even the best cameras lack an eyeballs dynamic range, similar with monitors. so with some graphic artists Monitors are never good enough ! ).

            I was in toss up with getting a new iMac (Kaby Lake is FAST) but the GPU and cost reasons stopped me. the upcoming iMac Pro is supposed to have a very fast GPU and all Macs with TB 3 can use external i.e eGPUs (Apple is working hard on improving software for eGPUs) so theoretically you can use 1080 with a TB3 equipped iMac or MBP.

            I want to see the new Mac Pro in a year or so though…

            (as an aapl investor I’m happy with Apple getting more serious with Macs. )

            1. I will certainly buy new hardware, and software too, because that has pretty much been my life — breaking in foals, as it were. I can’t forget however the way we were so casually treated by certain OEMs, suppliers, and developers. Some say, that’s just business. But it works both ways and they should damn well know it. Not to mention any names, but Adobe and Canvas have been reprehensible. Apple is no goody two-shoes either and their kindly uncle act is so last week. All these corporations need to pull their thumbs out and understand who they’re really working for — and governments could collect a clue at that.

          2. if I’m still not clear:
            Monitors degrade over time (unoticed by most except visual pros)
            also hardware improves.

            but if you have an upgradable ‘Tower’ type Mac you can change the processors, video cards etc and the monitor.
            just more flexible.
            (but for most people iMacs are great).

  2. I really appreciated the comments on this thread except of course for some of the language, so thank you. I just wish Apple would listen. They have acknowledged that their innovative, chic, unique “round” MacPro design hampered the MacPro. Instead of replacing it with a more upgradeable “cheese grater”, albeit not as chic, they have boxed the Pro users into an All-In-One with constraints on upgrades. Perhaps with TB3 they consider it to not be an issue. I just wish they would all users to upgrade the GPU and offer the top tier GPUs from each vendor. I wish too that they would allow upgrades of storage. As an Apple user I just feel like they are allows trying to keep me “trapped”. Perhaps the comments above about corporations and government trying to capture users/customers/citizens instead of serve them are the root of the problem.

    Anyway, I appreciate the perspectives and comments, so thank you for taking the time.

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