“A key reason why the pace of Mac hardware updates has slowed in recent years can be placed in the hands of Intel. As they fell behind releasing new silicon, Apple was left without the parts they needed to do proper refreshes,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “True, Apple did allow the Mac to languish way beyond the release of new Intel parts.”

“That takes us to this year’s iPad Pro refresh, with Apple’s A10X Fusion chip. It’s an interesting design, with six cores, three of which operate at high power, and three of which operate at low power to improve battery life. The GPU has 12 cores,” Steinberg writes. “But none of that matters, except how it impacts performance. Here, performance for single core tasks is 30% faster than the previous version, according to Apple. For multicore tasks, it’s 82% faster. More to the point, Apple claims that the new iPads are ‘more powerful than most PC laptops.’ Intel take note!”

“If you consider the pace of growth, it won’t be long before Apple’s chips speed way beyond the best Intel has to offer,” Steinberg writes. “Even if the Mac doesn’t make another processor switch, a future iPad or a convergence computer of some sort may do things far quicker than you might expect.”

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MacDailyNews Take: By all accounts, the new Apple A10X Fusion-equipped iPad Pro models are startlingly fast!

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