Apple CEO Cook calls President Trump as Elon Musk threatens to quit White House advisory councils over Paris decision

“As Donald Trump nears a final decision on the Paris climate agreement, top corporate executives are mounting a last-minute push aimed at persuading the president that the U.S. has more to lose from abandoning the accord,” Jennifer A. Dlouhy reports for Bloomberg News. “The appeals from chief executives such as Tesla Inc.’s Elon Musk, Tim Cook of Apple Inc. and Dow Chemical Co.’s Andrew Liveris come as Trump’s advisers also present him with closing arguments on the potential risks and rewards of remaining a party to the global pact. ”

“Cook placed a call to the White House on Tuesday to urge the president to keep the U.S. in the agreement, according to a person familiar with the move,” Dlouhy reports. “Liveris was the driving force behind a letter from 30 major company executives backing the deal. And Musk tweeted Wednesday that he has ‘“done all I can to advise directly to’ Trump. If the U.S. leaves Paris, Musk said he would drop participation in White House advisory councils.”

“The executives are trying to capitalize on Trump’s ‘America first’ ideology by warning that a withdrawal would put the U.S. at a disadvantage in a global race to develop and deploy clean-energy technology, potentially ceding that market opportunity to China, the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gas emissions,” Dlouhy reports. “The president’s verdict will be driven by ‘what’s best for the United States,’ said Gary Cohn, his top economic adviser, during Trump’s recent trip abroad. ”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Environment – Climate Change website states:

We mapped our carbon footprint, and we’re working to eliminate it.

When we measure our carbon footprint, we include hundreds of suppliers, millions of customers, and hundreds of millions of devices. And we’re always looking for ways to make the biggest difference in five major areas: manufacturing, product use, facilities, transportation, and recycling.
To reduce our carbon footprint, we design each generation of our products to be as energy efficient as possible. We’re sourcing lower-carbon materials to make our devices, we’re partnering with suppliers to add clean energy to their facilities, and we produce and procure clean, renewable energy for 96 percent of the electricity used at our global facilities.

Our comprehensive 2016 carbon footprint: 29,500,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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  1. Don’t really want to get into Climate Change battle but I want to note that politicians in various Climate Change councils and Accords aren’t looking at the bigger picture: Population Growth.


    “It is now estimated that it will take a further 39 years to increase by another 50%, to become 9 billion by 2038.”


    i.e in like 40 years the world will grow another 3 billion or so or equal to TEN USAs or 4 Europes.
    So even if Governments for example Carbon Tax all Americans and Europeans to DEATH it ain’t going to make much difference. Worst most of the population growth is going in countries where they are busily cutting down the Forest (acres a second) to live and create farming land — and as we know Forests absorb Carbon… And those extra people are going to drive cars, heat homes, have industries…

    Politicians aren’t very interested in Population Control as larger populations means MORE TAXES . Besides the crazy debt inducing spending Governments have on various things like wars, most countries government employees are pension based. Pensions are extremely expensive that’s why corporations don’t have them anymore and to pay pensions requires a GROWING workforce. So Govt have a giant incentive to keep populations growing to PAY THEIR OWN SALARIES and PENSIONS.

    In the West where birth rates are declining we import huge number of immigrants to add to the workforce (on a deep level this is not kindness, not for helping refugees etc — most of that is smoke screen for the real FINANCIAL gains.

    in the third world politicians encourage population growth for various reasons:

    I was in a Third World country years back where the Prime Minister’s biggest agenda was pushing his countries population from 30 million to 70 million. According to the idiot that would make his country a ‘super power’ — as most of his corrupt government cronies fed off the taxpayers , more citizens meant ‘more slaves’ basically — and also allowed him to stand against his neighbours (bigger army). They were cutting down mountain ranges of rainforest : I drove for hours and it would be cut, others reported further in dead elephants and animals stacked in little pyramids…

    Climate Change advocates barely touch the Population Issue because they know Governments are totally against it, much easier to fight for things like CARBON TAX. Carbon Tax monies in many countries go into General Tax income (i.e used for building bridges etc) and allow politicians to INCREASE taxes while saying they are keeping income tax stable (Half the politicians aren’t really interested in Climate Change but the carbon tax money)

    So I’m not getting into the Carbon Climate Change debate as if the world doesn’t get going on serious population control it won’t matter as the forests will be gone and there will be 10 USAs more people driving cars , heating homes etc….

    1. people down voting mean, please write down your disagreements… I REALLY WANT A COUNTER ARGUMENT AS I WANT TO BE REASSURED! I really want to be wrong as I’m describing a near EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT… so don’t just one star… write your counter argument…

      explain to me why 10 extra USA worth of people in 30-40 years driving cars, having industries, heating homes etc , 10 USA’s size of FOREST CUTTING (please imagine this for a second) isn’t a catastrophe which hardly anybody.. neither Clinton or Trump or the celebrities like Cook , Musk etc are talking much about. And practically nobody has a solution. In overpopulated countries like Haiti where they’ve cut down almost all the forest, therein virtually no recovery.

      soon the world will look like this (and even if USA ,Europe drop CARBON to ZERO it will make no difference) :


      1. friends it was hard to write the stuff above but I’m worried and I want people to take it seriously.

        I’m bi partisan, everybody needs to cooperate to solve this (and there’s enough blame to go around).

        I have to point out I’m not anti immigrant as it might look. (above) Western countries need immigrants to support the aging baby boomers and with declining birth rates there’s no choice (although Governments never acknowledge THIS real reason, couching it as ‘helping poor nations’ etc) . It takes several working adults paying taxes to take care of one senior. ( btw some immigrants like Jony Ive and Musk can add billions to the economy!)

        Even countries like Japan for example (densely populated ) is very worried about aging seniors and declining birth rates.

        The other thing I forgot to mention is that people like Climate Change advocates (who say they are worried about Carbon) keep throwing money like it was water, no money is EQUAL to CARBON. For a $100 billion fund, to generate that money would consume tens of millions of barrels of oil producing hundreds of millions of kg of carbon. So before spending things like that better make sure the result is worth those unrecoverable millions of barrels of oil. (FYI look at info on GDP $ based on energy consumption)

        IN the end it’s mostly up to the bright young folks — like some reading MDN — to solve this ‘Planet in Crisis’ , my generation mostly fumbled the ball (population issues etc has been there for decades. Since when I was kid I think the population has like doubled. ). I don’t know how they are going to do it but I think making politicians look seriously (REALLY SERIOUSLY) at population reduction is a major step.

  2. Not My president. Worst in history. The entire regime, party, and base is more a threat to our country and the world than ISIS. America Was great- not anymore. Not under Trump. Don’t argue with me- the entire world knows it. The best, brightest- scientists, artists, people who have more and people who have less than what we have. The Ugly American has replaced the American Dream. As for Trump and his enablers: “All the money you made (or stole) will never buy back your souls.”

            1. hide and watch, snowflake…our president has overcome every obstacle thrown at him by a lying media, a corrupt Plantation Party and The Bush Crime Syndicate.

            2. Absolutely!

              The Left has lost their minds TOTALLY and don’t see the reality in the HONORABLE President Donald J. Trump.

              He is Herculean in all he has endured and will go down in history as the Teflon president of all time.

              We are fortunate to have a president for the PEOPLE and by the PEOPLE …

      1. The entire world does not want to move to the US. Some Mexicans and others might, but not the entire world. That assertion is both childish and silly.

        Personally, I live in London but love the States — but I’m no indicator of how the rest of the world feels about it.

        Given the disasters of American foreign policy stretching back seventy years; the diktats, direction and appointees of the current Administration; the foolishness of some of its voters and their penchant for ignorance and bigotry, it’s reasonable to say — sadly — that worldwide consternation and disbelief at events emanating from 2017s’ US government have never generated more hatred, distaste or dislike before.

        That’s a terrible shame when America could, and should, be so much better. But who cares about global opinion?Nobody, right?

        Still, the world perceives the ‘elected’ president to be a laughing stock and have seen and noted how huge numbers of Americans crashed the Canadian immigration web site looking to emigrate (more than once).

        Also, most people beyond the US borders can see that the US government is making reckless, short-term decisions without any vision or understanding of their consequences — for their own citizens or international American businesses.

        I’m happy to continue visiting the United States. As I said, I love it.

        However, the airlines have figured out that increasing numbers of passengers are avoiding the US altogether, even for transfers to connecting flights, preferring instead to videoconference for business rather than actually travel there any more as other routes are possible. For many business travellers, the misery simply isn’t worth the hassle now. (I’m not talking about citizens of Muslim countries here, but largely richer Asian and European lands)(look it up).

        My sole point, by way of correction to the above glib comment by Mr. botvinnik, is that — no — the entire world does not want to go live in the United States.

        Maybe they should, but they definitively do not.

        Unfortunately, the ‘brain drain’ (to the US) is drying up, unlike the Washington DC swamp, which appears (to the rest of the world), to be becoming even more and more polluted and toxic — leaving a dwindling pool of imported talent/technical labor is bad news for American businesses.

        This, alas, is very sad for America and all Americans; and those of us who are supporters and well-wishers, feel it’s a serious problem too.


    1. Just for the record, “Dump Trump,” your cartoon is incorrect.

      The big energy companies like ExxonMobile and its former CEO, now Trump’s Secretary of State, have been pushing the President to stay within the Paris accords. The big companies (as distinct from Red State drillers and coal miners) see diversification as the future of the energy industry.

      They do not want the U.S. Government throwing its considerable resources into a losing battle. They do not see any point in having a Big Brother Government prop up legacy industries like using coal to make electricity or using oil and gas for burning, rather than for its highest and best use as a chemical feedstock. There are better ways to generate electricity and power automobiles.

    1. I have a different take you may or may not agree with, whatever.

      President Trump is the most down to earth and plain spoken president since Reagan and JFK.

      You don’t see it, pity …

      1. The corporation-sponsored, science-denying Republican party of which Dishonest Donald is now the leader is not interested in facts or science. Surprise, surprise!! They also aren’t interested in getting money out of politics (ie: Citizens United). Do the math. Follow the money. It’s not rocket science!

          1. You do know, don’t you, that the Soros companies have invested $250MM (one quarter of a billion dollars) in real estate ventures organized by Jered Kuschner?

            Here are some articles from sources you might find reliable (I wouldn’t, but that’s another story):



        1. You gotta broaden your focus on following the money. Both sides wallow and roll in the money mud. Sticking with the typical party stereotypes and dogma talking points is too narrow. At least for a critical thinking person …

  3. Looney-Toon Leftists on an Apple site losing their frigging minds…not a surprise.

    You Marxists morons can always move…like…to Mexico…except they beat and lock your ass up for being an ‘illegal’ on their land….

      1. Hey, see you have made the rounds denouncing several right winger posters in your view.

        Doesn’t change a thing. The RIGHT is gaining day by day … sorry.

  4. Ef Trump. Let the Chinese be number ones in this. They are now spending 100 billion in a year to renewable energy plus 900 billion to help others to do that. Americans do not have money so it is just easier to let them do the stupid things by themself. The rest of the 7.5 billion people continues as planned while Trump joins the Syria and Libya being third class country.

      1. That is the standard you have repeatedly espoused that the Great Amery should live up to. Your dumbass president is trying to revive the dead coal industry. He should cater to buggy whip makers too.

        1. I guess you missed the fine print of the Paris climate agreement President Donald J. Trump exited today.

          In the agreement, China has clearance to build hundreds of coal burning plants until 2030.

          They gotta buy coal somewhere …

    1. “Ef Trump. Let the Chinese be number ones in this.”

      You are correct on one thing. The Chinese are the number one polluters in the world.

      And if you bothered to properly inform yourself on the Climate Agreement details China gets a pass until 2030 to COMPLY with the agreement.

      More juicy morsels. China has gotten a pass to build HUNDREDS, you read that right, hundreds of coal burning plants until 2030.

      And the best part is the agreement is nothing more than a signed PROMISE to do good in the future. No monetary or enforcement mechanism is built in and no oversight mechanisms. That’s to please the shallow PC Police who don’t give a damn about reality as long as you say the right things. 🐂💩!

      Hot air feel good agreement to benefit bucks to world governments, nothing more.

      See the light, sonny?

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