Apple poised to take on streaming biz

“The vast majority of Apple’s revenue still comes from iPhones, Macs, iPads and other hardware,” Jan Dawson writes for Variety. “But its Services business has become its fastest-growing segment — and hidden within that unit is a content business that’s growing tremendously.”

“The segment includes iTunes, iBooks and the App Store as well as revenues from Apple Music, Apple Pay and money Google sends to Apple for featuring its search engine in its Safari browser,” Dawson writes. “It’s become the fastest-growing part of Apple’s business, averaging 20% growth year on year even as Apple’s iPhone business has shrunk a little.”

“It’s possible to arrive at some pretty decent estimates of the size of the constituent parts and, specifically, to break out the content business. That business generated about $15 billion in net revenue for Apple in 2016 — around 7% of its total revenues,” Dawson writes. “Apple could easily increase that spending if it becomes serious about a stand-alone subscription video offering.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s “quarterly revenue number was roughly double CBS’ quarterly income,” according to Dawson. And, that’s with an aged, non-4K Apple TV on the market and no original content of which to speak, yet. The sky’s the limit!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Not sure how the article above or the source article it is based on would result in the title being anything more than we already know of Apple being poised to take on streaming, Planet of the Apps and Caraoke.

  2. Netflix is just killing it. All analysts have to do is raise the target price and the stock simply jumps to the moon. Apple is getting nothing from price targets. The stock just sits like a lump. Amazon and Alphabet will make $1000 a share in days while Apple has hit a wall and short-sellers are waiting for the collapse.

    I don’t know exactly what Apple is waiting for when it comes to video streaming. As long as they’ve had that damn “hobby” device they should have had streaming video years ago. I’ll bet when Apple announces streaming video, Wall Street will yawn and say, “Too little, too late to impact Netflix.”

    1. “I don’t know exactly what Apple is waiting for…”

      Those are the words of Pipeline Timmy’s epitaph when shareholders finally shïtcan this vomitous, impotent social justice warrior of globalism.

      3/4 of a trillion dollars cash money is just not enough to make “..and those who think they can change the world, do.”

      f Tim Cook.

      1. Something I’ve noticed about you, Trump, and your die-hard ‘publican pals is that you really love to call people names…

        Address the issues. Stop calling people names. You only do it because it makes you feel superior. But you are not.

        1. He’s always done it. Probably always will. He is so incessantly nasty, I suspect the descent into Alheimers – which often distils people down to their most core emotional and behavioral habits.

  3. The only streaming I see is from Pipeline Timmy, the continual, rancid yellow urine on what made Apple so successful.

    A square peg in a square hole.

        1. A nasty little shit — and an utter coward. I am VERY sure you don’t talk like that if a cop pulls you over, if you encounter some biker in a bad mood, or you accidentally end up in the “wrong end of town”.

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