T-Mobile will pay off your phone if you switch from Verizon

“Thinking about ditching Verizon? T-Mobile has a new promotion, dubbed #GetOutoftheRed, that makes it easy for Verizon customers to switch and keep their current phone,” Angela Moscaritolo reports for PC Magazine.

“‘For a limited time, millions of Verizon customers can switch, keep their phone and we’ll even pay it off,’ T-Mobile says,” Moscaritolo reports. “The offer will be available starting May 31 for Verizon customers with an iPhone 6s or newer or Google Pixel.”

“As part of the deal, you’ll need to pay T-Mobile $15 a month to insure your current handset,” Moscaritolo reports. “But the carrier will otherwise pay off ‘whatever they owe Verizon,’ T-Mobile says.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Make ’em work for your business! The more competition, the better.


  1. But, you forgot the downside!

    My bill went up from $140 to $152.45 in one month.

    T-Mobile is matching ATT in my area dumping my hotspot connection speeds down to 1-10 KB/sec, which means I can’t even send an email with an attachment much of the time. It is damn near worthless, just like ATT was.

    Now I’m wondering if Verizon will be better on Hotspot data speed. I don’t need 1 meg/sec, but 100KB/sec would sure help for business connections.

  2. Tried to switch a few years ago, when T-Mobile did a similar offering. Had to go back, because I couldn’t even get a signal where I live, without walking into the field across the road. Even then the signal was weak, and limited on how wide a circle I could pace around in. So, unless they want to send someone out to physically prove it to me this time, no way will I even consider it.

    1. I understand your frustration. However I’ve had T-moble for over 3 years now, and the network only gets better year after year. The next 18 months the coverage will more than double and speeds will increase. You can download a couple of mobile apps to show exactly what type of coverage is in your area. I’m not going to push any apps, but do a simple search for coverage in the app store… you’ll find a free app that shows you to street level the coverage you can get in your area. Also, for 2 years T-moblie allows WiFi calling. So when I’m at home or work I have a perfect signal over WiFi.

  3. If you have coverage it might not be a bad promo. However, T-Mobile in my area is terrible. Had 3 phone interviews that kept getting disconnected even though I wasn’t moving and I had full bars. Switched to Verizon and I’m loving it. Saving money for phone service is great as long as it works and you can actually use the service you are paying for.

  4. TMo is great in most urban areas.

    I don’t think you guys are comparing apples to apples on pricing. I have never seen TMo as expensive as ATT, ever.

    disclaimer: current happy TMo customer

  5. If you really want to know who the most reliable carrier is where you live, ask your State office of emergency management (in California, that’s the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services; your state probably varies). Believe me, they’ve checked out how much of your state is usefully covered by that carrier, and that’s who they get service from.

    In California, that’s Verizon. No idea who it is in other states.

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