Apple launches new Switch attack on Google’s Android

Apple has just launched new Switch attack on Google’s Android via a new section of

The first thing visitors see is: “Life is easier on iPhone. And that starts as soon as you turn it on.”

Apple then begins asking – and answering – questions that any refugee from the Land of Fragmentation and Malware would naturally have:

Will it be easy to switch to iPhone?
Yes, it will. There’s no need to save your stuff elsewhere before switching from Android. Just download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store and it securely transfers your content for you. That means things like your photos, videos, contacts, calendars, mail accounts, message history, and free apps — including Google Apps. And you can trade in your old smartphone, if eligible, for credit toward your new iPhone.

Is the camera as good as they say?
More pictures are taken on iPhone than any other camera in the world. We design the hardware and software together using second-to-none technology, so you can shoot amazing photos and videos in modes like Slo-Mo, Portrait, Time-Lapse, and more. iPhone also has cool features like Memories, which automatically compiles your favorite moments into a movie.

iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black
iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black
Why is iPhone so fast?
iPhone runs on high-performance chips that are custom-designed by Apple — including the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. And because these chips are so efficient, iPhone delivers long battery life. Combine all that with the latest iOS updates offering smart new features, and everything you do on iPhone feels fast and fluid.

Will iPhone be easy to use?
You bet. Ease of use is at the core of everything Apple creates, and iOS is designed to be both simple and intuitive. With a swipe of your finger or a single tap, you can open apps, make a purchase with Apple Pay, or customize your iPhone. It also comes with the Tips app, so you can get the most out of your device.

How does iPhone help protect my personal information?
Privacy is a priority with Apple. Unlike many other phones, important data on your iPhone is encrypted from the start and protected by your passcode. Apple apps like Maps and Safari help to keep private all the places you go and the sites you visit, and Apple will not sell your information to anyone for any reason. Best of all we provide easy-to-install software updates that help to protect your device and your data from security threats.

What makes Messages so great?
The Messages app is both simple and powerful. It doesn’t just send messages — it also lets you hail rides, book restaurants, and even shoot lasers. All your conversations will be kept private, because every message is encrypted from end to end. And, of course, you can use other messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger, too.

Can I get help from a real person?
No matter where you are, we have real human beings ready to help. Whether you want to know more about switching, or about software on your new iPhone, Apple’s award-winning support team offers assistance of any kind. Just call a Specialist, chat online, or visit an Apple Store. There’s also an Apple Support app and a dedicated Twitter handle @AppleSupport.

Can I switch at an Apple Store?
Absolutely. Apple Specialists are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you in switching. They can activate your new iPhone with a carrier of your choice and help you transfer your important content to your new device. You can also attend How To sessions, which are part of the Today at Apple program, to learn how to do even more with iPhone.

What about the environment?
We think about the environment all the time. Every time you send an iMessage, make a FaceTime call, or ask Siri a question, those tasks are handled by Apple data servers running on 100 percent renewable energy. And when you switch to iPhone, we’ll even recycle your Android phone for you.

Will I love my iPhone?
iPhone has industry-leading satisfaction rates — in fact, 97 percent of people who have an iPhone say they love it.footnote 2 That’s a lot of smiling selfies. A lot of happy emoji. And a lot of people who are glad they chose the world’s most loved smartphone.

Trade in your current smartphone and get up to $260 in credit.

See Apple’s new Switch to iPhone page here.

In addition, Apple has debuted five new television ads in support of the “Why Switch” campaign:


MacDailyNews Take: If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.,” and “Gabe” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah. All good reasons to stop using garbage. I mean really, you can get an affordable stylish SE that can elegantly run circles around any Android crap and more importantly without worrying about malware.

  2. Wait, I was told that Android users were cheapskates, members of the hee-haw demographic. If they switch to iOS, don’t they dilute the value of iOS to marketers? Or do they miraculously start spending more money?

  3. Android user here: what I love about android phones (good android phone, none of those “Generic Twat” brands) is customizability and control. No mentions about this in Apple’s statement. So…

  4. L.E.
    Just noticed this: “MacDailyNews Take: If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.”
    All I can say is: wow, speachless. If it’s not a duck, it’s not a duck :))

      1. Besides the fact that many people do still think that way, there is also the fact that many think other products are the same but cheaper. They aren’t. That’s the point of the Take.

  5. Apple apps like Maps and Safari help to keep private all the places you go and the sites you visit, and Apple will not sell your information to anyone for any reason.

  6. And still no Mac ads.
    How about a campaign targeted at Millineals with the tag line
    “Tired of squinting at a damn cell phone? How about a real computer”

    The Mac is a huge business yet gets no love from the Phone obsessed in Cupertino. If Apple releases an SDK for iOS on iOS you can kiss the Macintosh goodbye.

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